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Circular Plate with eccentric hole

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    Hi everybody,
    I'm looking for a way to determine the maximum moment of a uniformly loaded circular plate (diameter = 10") with eccentric circular hole (diameter = 4"). The plate is clamped at outer edge and free at inner edge. The ultimate objectif is to determine the minimum thickness of the circular plate in order to withstand the pressure, that's why I take the small deflection assumption.

    I've been looking for existing studies but all I get are the two classic cases with solid circular plate or annular circular plate.

    The major difficulty in this problem is that by making the hole eccentric, we loose the axisymetry which may simplify a lot calculations

    If anyone is interested in this topic or has any more information , I'd be glad to to discuss more about it.
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    Hi Vadar2012, I've visited this website also during my research, but it concerns only the two classical cases I mentioned in my first post: the solid circular plate and the circular plate with a central hole, mine is a circular plate with ECCENTRIC hole which break the axisymetry hence difficult to calculate.

    I assume that only a FEM may be able to handle this situation, which is not an option for me, so I'm looking for an approximation, with rigourous justification of course.

    I'm still looking, keep me updated if anything new comes to your mind.

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    I'm new on this website, I just realised that my previous reply wasn't a "reply", sorry.
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