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Schools Civil Engineering @ University of Miami

  1. Jul 18, 2006 #1
    What do you think?

    A. BSc in Physics with Medical applications@Kings College, University of London


    B. Double Major Physics with Civil Engineering @ University of Miami (FL)

    Note option B takes 4 years while option A 3. Both options are identical financially because expenses are covered by the EU for A. and I have a Fulbright scholarship for B.

    Thank you in advance for your help.
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  3. Jul 18, 2006 #2


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    Depends where you want to live for 3/4 years :smile:

    And, mixing physics with CE seems a bit strange... :confused:
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    And which do you prefer doing: medical applications or civil engineering? They're rather different fields! :confused:
  5. Jul 19, 2006 #4
    what would you suggest as a good major to pair up with physics? i've been advised to do civil engineering since i might have problems in finding a job with just physics
  6. Jul 19, 2006 #5
    It depends on how far you want to take your education, what type of career you want, etc.
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