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Cleaning crystal meth residue from car

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    I had a roommate that is a regular user of meth. I recently found out that smoking meth leaves a residue behind that can be absorbed through the skin, which worries me because I let him borrow my car and he smoked meth in it before. I'm kind of a hypochondriac when it comes to health issues like this and whenever I drive my car it's always in the back of my head that there is residue absorbing through my skin and I get all paranoid. I don't want any of those toxic chemicals getting into my bloodstream. Since he smoked in my car, there is probably residue everywhere: steering wheels, dashboard, radio, gear selector, emergency brakes, door handles, and not to mention the car seats.

    I've already searched this forum and found a thread that talked about what breaks down meth and many people offered many different solutions to cleaning the residue such as 409/bleach combo, piranha solution, vinegar, and even simply water. I'm not sure which route to go..I'm thinking about doing the 409 and bleach combo. Can 409 and bleach mixture effectively get rid of the meth residue? Especially on my steering wheel, handles, dashboard, gear selector, and radio. Well I'm basically planning to clean the whole inside of my car, except for the car seats since its a porous material and I read that you can't clean meth off porous materials.

    What do you guys suggest? And is there a way to clean it effectively? Should I just mix the 409 with bleach and soak the rag in it and then get a paper towel and soak it in the 409/bleach mixture and apply it on the places in my car that i want to clean and then just scrub it with the already soaked rag?
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    If your roommate has been using it for a while, and also your car, wouldn't it be effectively too late for you to clean your car in order not to get them through your skin (if that is even possible -- do you have a credible source for this information)? I don't mean to add to your paranoia, but I would seek professional help (both you and your ex-roommate) for your health concerns (in your case hypochondriac).
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    If I were you I'd sell the car to the roommate, get a new car and a new roommate.
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