What is cleaning: Definition and 70 Discussions

Cleaning is the process of removing unwanted substances, such as dirt, infectious agents, and other impurities, from an object or environment. Cleaning is often performed for aesthetic, hygienic, functional, environmental, or safety purposes. Cleaning occurs in many different contexts, and uses many different methods. Several occupations are devoted to cleaning.

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  1. M

    The forum background is perfect for cleaning screens

    It turns out the background grey tone on this forum is the perfect shade for cleaning screens. And assessing the brightness uniformity of your display panel. It lets you spot smudges and imperfections easily. I also spotted a dead pixel on my display that will forever annoy me until the end of...
  2. W

    Deleting metadata: Any good tools?

    Hi all, I suspect some of the same, blackmail emails I've received may be the result if my carelessness in not clearing , cleaning/wiping out the metadata in some of the links, pics I've posted. I doubt PF is part of the problem, but likely others are. Is there some good freeware to wipe it...
  3. sophiecentaur

    Misc. Why do pyrolytic ovens require the removal of metal racks for cleaning?

    I just tried cleaning our new oven with the pyrolytic function. Incredible results and it certainly warmed up the house. But the intructions insisted that I remove all metal racks etc. I have to wonder why, bearing in mind that the temperature can't melt the stainless steel. This increases the...
  4. Optymista93

    Cleaning of the finned tubes on gas cooler without disassembling

    Hi, I've been thinking about the solution for cleaning a water-cooled gas cooler and would love to hear some advice from the smarter people with more experience. Description - I will try to roughly explain the concept. Gas Cooler is used to decrease exhaust gas temperature. The exhaust gas...
  5. kyphysics

    Why Doesn't Alcohol Just Evaporate when Cleaning Wipes are Left "Open"?

    When shopping at grocery stores, they have these boxes of sanitizing wipes containing alcohol on them. You know the type: they are often in the front entrance area for people to wipe carts. The way these are designed is that you have one wipe sticking out of the container and the rest tucked...
  6. ARN

    Why & How HCl is Used for Cleaning Materials

    Homework Statement:: why HCL is always used for cleaning materials. I have cleaned graphite rod with HCl. How will it help ? How does HCL do the cleaning? Relevant Equations:: Nothing some says that it helps to remove the impurities, but how ? will it effect the graphite rod? [Moderator's...
  7. J

    Cleaning Zn sprayed on PP film

    Motor run capacitors (air conditioning)?How to clean Zn sprayed on PP film? Try to clean mechanically and cut(trim). Do you have any idea? Can’t use any oil and forbidden to damage surface. You can see cutted barrier(between 2 windings) on images. Image M10 is sprayed(not cutted sample)...
  8. Bcs

    Cleaning Solutions for Indoor Air Quality

    some ideas so far: ozone generator, soap and water rinse, ammonia based cleaning solution, keep airing out maybe with a fan (but rather not risk any sparks and such either) Ideally I don’t want to have to try a dozen things, so I’ll see what ppl support the most. Thanks science ppl!
  9. pangru

    I Why is Isopropanol used after Acetone in cleaning procedures?

    In the semiconductor device fabrication procedures, common cleaning recipe includes Acetone and just after it, Isopropanol cleaning. My question is, Why do we need Isopropanol cleaning after acetone? As answers of this question says, Isopropanol must be used after acetone cleaning, due to...
  10. lamejane

    E-PVD Vacuum chamber cleaning maintenance and Care

    Hello PVD experts out there ! I have question on general e-PVD Vacuum chamber cleaning maintenance and Care as shown in the pictures below, Thin film material (mostly Metals) is being deposited on a daily basis onto the hardware parts present in our e-PVD vacuum chamber ( such as the quartz...
  11. kyphysics

    Will White Vinegar Corrode My Sink If Used for Cleaning?

    I have been reading online about the cleaning usefulness of white distilled vinegar, which is said to be mostly water and 5% acetic acid. Various sources frequently list it as useful for cleaning various things from sink faucet handles (the metal can get a lot of soap scum on them) to even...
  12. B

    Cleaning up Pcp/methadone spill

    Hey guys, I need help cleaning up a nonporous and semiporous object. What should I use to clean up a methadone and pcp spill?I'm thinking of using citric acid since it is nonpolar to get rid of the methadone, and then hitting the spot with bleach and soap/hot water mixture. Any ideas
  13. G

    Cleaning of SGOI and SiGe substartes

    Can you suggest how can i clean SGOI, SiGe, GOI substrates for initial cleaning, Oxides etching, Photo resist removal, Organic impurity removal, Metallic impurity removal etc? Can i follow the same procedure which are used for Si wafers like Piranha and HF cleaning?
  14. A

    Cleaning My Car Glass that damaged from Phosphate plant

    Hello Gentlemen, I am working In phosphate plant with a lot of chemical fumes produced from the Process area. Due to Iodine and Florine gases, my car glass is damaged (corrosion) and i barley can see while I am going home.:frown: Please help me to find any Chemical Compound that helps to...
  15. M

    Cleaning copper connections for high precision instruments

    Hi all, Here's my first post with a question I've been trying to solve for a while. I work with electronic components of very high quality and we try to make all our connections using thin copper ribbons of various thickness. I have started cleaning my copper connections with a solution of...
  16. M

    Residue on steel after caustic cleaning

    After cleaning aluminum from steel I use with sodium hydroxide, there a brown chalky layer I want to clean off. Other than sanding, I cannot remove it. Is there a way to chemically remove it without affecting the steel?
  17. S

    Cleaning crystal meth residue from car

    I had a roommate that is a regular user of meth. I recently found out that smoking meth leaves a residue behind that can be absorbed through the skin, which worries me because I let him borrow my car and he smoked meth in it before. I'm kind of a hypochondriac when it comes to health issues like...
  18. STEMucator

    [C] The usage of ? and : when cleaning up recursive code

    I noticed some interesting utility in using ? and : when writing some recursive code out of boredom. I thought I'd share some of the code for those interested. These were written in C, and I must say they simplify a lot of code. #include <stdio.h> #include <math.h> /* Return x raised to the...
  19. J

    Cleaning up radioactive or mine waste

    I would hope it is not unsolvable but I know I will be dead long before this mess is cleaned up and I hope that it is resolved in my grandchildren's generation. They are in their twenties now and have children of their own. All of us anti nuke people talk about solar power and other alternative...
  20. Drakkith

    Medical Why is Handwashing Before Using a Cleaning Machine a Protocol Violation?

    From this article: Can anyone tell me why handwashing an instrument before putting it in the cleaning machine is a no-no?
  21. B

    Stargazing Cleaning a Telescope's Mirror: Tips and Techniques

    Hello, I have access to a pretty big telescope, at least when compared to others I've played with. I'm itching to set it up but the mirror is not in great shape. It has been in storage for a long time and there looks to be some corrosion. I was wondering if there is anything I need to be...
  22. K

    Machine Parts requiring cleaning in Steel Mills?

    Hello all! I have recently started a Parts Cleaning Machine manufacturing business. Most of my clients are Automobile Manufacturers & Ancillaries. The last couple of years have been disastrous for the automobile industry here. So I was looking to broaden my horizon and target the Steel...
  23. D

    Chemical for cleaning printed picture on plastic material?

    Hi all, I'm david from indonesia. Sory for my english. Can you help me to found a chemical that I can use to cleaning printed picture on plastic material? This is for recycling, means in big volume... Thanks before
  24. edward

    Reviving Old Memories: The Art of Dot Matrix Printing on Calendars

    I found this old dot matrix of my children. It was printed on a calendar at Sears. How did they do that?? I know they took a regular picture first.
  25. U

    Designing a crystal decanter cleaning apparatus

    I need to create a machine that'll help me clean out my crystal decanters. Brown rice and soap work great, just shake and viola...however some decanters need a bit more shaking, or 'spinning' of the rice and soap than I can provide so I've devised a plan with a box fan motor that would create a...
  26. R

    What is the optimal amount of water to use for rinsing after brushing teeth?

    PHYSICS of Brushing your teeth: I spent a few weeks a few years ago, five minutes here and there, trying to figure out what is the optimal amount of water that you should put in your mouth to get the maximum rinsing effect after you brush your teeth. Do you fill your mouth half full, 1/3 full...
  27. T

    Properly Cleaning ITO Substrates for Organic Solar Cells

    Hi Could anyone tell me the procedure for the cleaning ITO substrates for organic solar cells? This was my procedure, but I always had dirty spots on the glass and of course shortcuts in the cell. 1) cleaning in a deionized water + detergent (Hellmanex) mixture in ultrasonic bath (60...
  28. K

    Selection of Pump for Parts Cleaning Machines

    Hello, Budding entrepreneur here looking for help. I've had this doubt for a long time. I can read the pump performance curves with respect to Head & Q. So if I have to select a pump that gives me 200 LPM @ 10 bar pressure, how do I select a pump from the curves. Is selecting a pump that...
  29. mishima

    How to properly clean an acid cabinet?

    Hi, we just moved our acid cabinet to a different floor, emptying it out during transport. I was thinking of taking the opportunity to give it a good cleaning. Any suggestions? It is a blue Flinn scientific cabinet. There is some discoloration on the inside walls and shelves. I am...
  30. P

    Vibrations heard when a cradle ascends for cleaning a high rise building

    hello all.there is a electric hoist cradle(Temporary personnel lifting;make fixator) which one of our contractor uses to clean the outside glasses of a high rise building.the cables are suspended up at the top railing with fasteners and then the electric motor escalates the cradle for use.the...
  31. P

    What chemical solution to use for cleaning digital camera sensors?

    Since it is impossible to get certain cleaning solutions (in Canada, at least) like "Eclipse" (methanol) and pure isopropyl alcohol (from drug stores) is adulterated with some kind of greasy oils that leave smear marks behind, I would appreciate some help as to what chemical solutions might be...
  32. B

    Cleaning Property of Baking Soda+ Vinegar

    Hi, All: I'm a chemistry ignorant. Please bear a bit. Just curious as to the chemical explanation for why the mixture of bakind soda and (kitchen/cooking) vinegar is an effective disinfectant. Is this a neutralization reaction, with vinegar as the acid and bakind soda as the base? If...
  33. P

    Which Acid is Best for Cleaning Rusty Iron ?

    Which Acid is Best for Cleaning Rusty Iron ? Hi, What is the best acid/solution which can clean the rusty surface of Iron metal...? Is Nitric acid good enough? or hydrofluoric Acid? Thanks in advance...
  34. L

    Energy associated with ultrasound cleaning

    Hi everybody, I am using a ultrasonic water bath cleaner in one of my experiments. It is basically a container filled with water. Items which need cleaning are immersed and, when the machine starts, a transducer emits waves at a frequency of 35 kHz. The ultrasounds produce water cavitation...
  35. T

    Acetone v. Alcohol for cleaning a pipe.

    I've heard of using isopropyl alcohol to clean the tar out of a pipe, but what about acetone? Which is a better solvent for tar? Would a mixture of both work better than either alone? (Would mixing the two be dangerous?) Thanks, Tyler
  36. D

    Electric Power Line Cleaning Helicopter

    We are in the midst of a drought here in Houston and the other day a utility helicopter flew by our office building. The helicopter had a rod located on the helicopter's nose or close to the nose which sticks out about 10 feet or so, and the crew were leaning out the door and spraying down the...
  37. D

    Effective Solvents for Cleaning Paraffin off Lithium: A Scientific Inquiry

    Hi all, I've recently encountered the problem of cleaning paraffin oil off a lithium foil. Unfortunately, I am no chemist, and thus am not too sure what will and will not react with the lithium itself (which is something I need to avoid). I had a look for possible solvents that I could use and...
  38. J

    Cleaning up vocabulary and concepts

    I'm a physics student (undergrad) studying Linear Algebra for the first time. I'm writing down my thought process, hoping that someone with more experience can verify my conclusions. I feel that the narration is more clear than my original attempt to present this as a series of questions. "A...
  39. D

    How to Clean Up Circuit Diagrams Without Contact?

    Homework Statement Essentially I am pursuing clues as to what I should do in order to clean up the following circuit: . I'm kind of confused regarding the portion where it says "no contact". Help?
  40. V

    Cleaning chromatography columns and hydrodynamics

    If you had to prove that your method for cleaning chromatography columns works and you had different sizes and shapes of columns, which one would you pick as a worst case to focus on? You have tall, skinny columns and short, fat columns, as well as different sizes. These are cylindrical glass...
  41. F

    Cleaning your PC with a vacuum cleaner

    It is said that its not good for your computer to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner (the inside) as long as the vacuum cleaner is on "intake" mod. If there is, however, an "output" mod, then its ok. I don't entirely understand this. I understand that the moving air can easily charge up the...
  42. B

    How Do You Inspect and Clean Fiber Optic Cables?

    Can anyone describe basic inspection techniques and processes of cleaning for fiber optic cables
  43. N

    Activeion, new cleaning method, or homeopathy for dirt?

    http://www.activeion.com/" There has been some discussion about this product around the internet since Bill Nye began supporting it. Some feel that it's a load of hogwash, and no better than plain tap water. Others feel that the product claims are plausible, and that it should be properly...
  44. M

    Removing Mustard Odor from Steel: A Scientific Approach

    Hello; I have a strange practical issue. I picked up a steel barrel which was used to store dijon mustard. I intend to use the steel to fashion a hood for a small rivet forge. But, although the barrel has been cleaned, it still has a very strong smell. My question is: how can the mustard...
  45. hypatia

    Cleaning a Messy Keyboard: How to Tackle Q,Z & X Keys

    Its almost 1am here, I have just turned on a halogen light above my keyboard and OMG it is so dirty! Some, most used keys I would expect to be dirty, but the Q,Z and X? Now hopefully some one can tell me the best way to clean this mess?
  46. Danger

    Revolutionizing Cleaning: The Power of Micro-fibre Cloths

    Didn't we used to have a 'General Technology' sub-forum? :confused: Anyhow, I'm posting this here because I don't think that it quite fits into 'Materials Engineering'. W gave me a really neat little micro-fibre cloth about 3 years ago, for cleaning my glasses. I also got one with my MacBook...
  47. F

    Self Cleaning Rack-and-Pinion Design?

    I have an application which would work very nicely with a rack-and-pinion. The problem is: the environment is inherently very dirty, and covering it isn't an option. Using the usual arrangement would cause it to quickly seize. Does anyone know of a self cleaning rack-and-pinion design?
  48. X

    Cleaning Rod lenses in optics equipment

    Hi, We have an optical equipment that has a narrow entrance slit, on the other end of the narrow entrance slit two rod lenses are exposed. They are getting dirty for various reasons. Does anybody know of any handheld air/vacuum cleaning with thin nozzle that can penetrate the slit and even...
  49. S

    Stargazing Cleaning Eyepieces - What's the Best Method?

    Hi, I was out doing some observing last night and a large amount of due got on my equipment. Everything looks alright but the eyepieces look pretty dirty, so I was wondering the best way to clean them. I have looked on line a bit and some places suggest 91% pure isopropyl alcohol and some...
  50. E

    Question in relation to the high pressure cleaning in titanium tubes

    Hi guys, i got a problem with the high pressure cleaning with the titanium tubes. What happened was that the titanium tubes (SB 338 Gr 12; OD=50,8mm; thickness=0.71mm) experiences scalings with Calcium Sulphate, and now we are trying to clean it off using HP cleaning, the specified max...