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CliffsTestPrep PCAT: 5 Practice Tests

  1. Dec 28, 2008 #1
    I don't know if this is the right place to post this ebook. Please move it to the appropriate section, thanks.


    American BookWorks Corporation “CliffsTestPrep PCAT: 5 Practice Tests”
    Cliffs Notes | 2006-03-27 | ISBN: 0764595865 | 304 pages | PDF | 2,2 MB
    Your guide to a higher score on the PCAT
    Why CliffsTestPrep Guides?
    Go with the name you know and trust
    Get the information you need–fast!
    Written by test prep specialists
    About the contents:

    * A detailed description of the test so you know what to expect
    * How to answer multiple-choice questions
    * The Critical Thinking Essay and how to approach it, including basic writing techniques
    * 5 sample topics for both argumentative and problem-solving essay topics
    * How to get the most out of the practice tests
    5 Full-Length Practice Tests with Answers and Explanations
    * Tests simulate the question/answer sections of the actual exam
    * Each practice test covers the 5 subject areas tested: verbal ability, biology, reading comprehension, quantitative ability, and chemistry
    * Each test also gives you the opportunity to practice writing a Critical Thinking Essay
    * Answers and explanations help you gauge your results and pinpoint areas to review

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