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Climate Change threads are back!

  1. Jun 9, 2014 #1
    After much deliberation we have unbanned climate change / global warming threads from the Earth forum.

    Before you go a start a thread, make sure you read the new rules
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    But please note that any discussions about politics of climate change is still strictly forbidden! This is only about the science!
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    So, what made you change your mind? Have you acquired some additional brainpower to help moderate the topics? From what I gatehered, that was one of the major obstacles to keeping the discussions on track.
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    Cool! But which [STRIKE]reckless fool[/STRIKE] brave soul [strike]was blackmailed[/strike] volunteered for the [STRIKE]suicide mission[/STRIKE] task of moderating?
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    D H

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    That would be me.

    We'll see how I fare.
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    I hope all PFers, especially the long-timers, recognize and appreciate DH's courage. I know I do!

    Kudos, DH :approve:.
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