Climate Change / Global Warming Policy

Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines.

CC/GW threads in this forum are intended for discussion of the scientific content of well-researched models of weather, climatology, and global warming that have been published in peer-reviewed journals and well-established textbooks.

Threads such "Is global warming real" or "Are humans the cause of global warming" are too broad and are subject to being locked. We want to encourage questions about specific research, news and events involved with climate science.

Due to the contentious nature of the subject of climate change, the following cannot be used as source material:
  • internet blogs
  • unpublished papers
  • papers published in a small number of excluded journals (see below)

This forum may not be used to propose new ideas or personal theories. All threads of this nature that are started in this forum will be removed by Mentors.

Threads that discuss anything other than the science of weather, climatology, and global warming may be locked or moved to a more appropriate forum, at the discretion of the Mentors.

Threads on the policy / political aspects of climate change are forbidden.

Articles published in a small number of supposedly peer-reviewed journals are not acceptable in this forum. These journals include:
  • Energy and Environment
  • Pattern Recognition in Physics

This topic is under probation. It will be banned again if discussion isn't civil and well intentioned.
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