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CO2 Power - Designing an Impulse and/or Reaction Turbine

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    I'm trying to determine the feasibility of a project, but have not yet taken fluid dynamics (next quarter).

    I'm trying to figure out how much power could be produced with a CO2 powered turbine. The turbine will be activated for only a few seconds at a time, with speeds under power ranging from 5,000-40,000 RPM. The turbine will see speeds up to 80,000 RPM. The goal of the project is maximum torque/power possible for the few seconds it will be activated. The CO2 will be injected at pressures ranging from 870psi to whatever I can achieve with entropy addition via a heat exchanger @ 230F.

    It seems the high head, low volume nature of the injected CO2 would dictate a pure impulse type turbine, or maybe an impulse/reaction turbine. My first thought was to make a sort of simple aluminum Pelton wheel type turbine, or use a turbocharger turbine with a custom housing to act as an impulse turbine with reaction turbine benefits. I will probably be using at least two nozzles, and the turbine diameter would have to be 4" or smaller. I have very little experience with this type of design problem, so any advice or text recommendation would be very helpful.
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    Using an existing device such as a turbocharger is definitely beneficial from a design point of view when you have limited budget/time.

    You say you have not taken fluids yet but you seem familiar with impulse reaction turbines etc. May I ask what this project is about?
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    The goal is to incorporate a supplemental CO2 powered turbine into a large turbocharger to greatly reduce lag and boost threshold, provide some boost pressure off the line, and keep the turbocharger shaft speed up between shifts.
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