1. AceHigh


    BS EE and lifelong science lover. Love "predicting" things but its really just knowing science advances first. I'm curious about everything. Curiosity killed Schrodinger's cat.
  2. D

    I Can someone please debunk this claim that CO2 does not trap heat?

    Hi everybody I follow climate denier pages and every now and then come across a claim that doesn't seem to have been debunked yet. One such claim is made here: <link to uacceptable source deleted> The gist of the article is that scientists experimented with using different gases in double...
  3. Z

    I Carbon dioxide in liquid and gaseous phases with liquid water

    What are the differences between carbon dioxide solubility (miscibility, reaction) in liquid water when in gaseous (<38 bar) and liquid (>38 bar) phase? The temperature in my experiments is usually between 0 and 5°C. The stirring speed is around 500 rpm. Is the solubility given apart from...
  4. T

    NASA NASA Challenge - CO2 Conversion

    NASA is looking for a process to use CO2 as a Carbon source on Mars; ultimate goal is to use the Carbon in the synthesis of other products. $50,000 prize. Open to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and U.S. business entities, work must be done in the U.S...
  5. S

    CO2 vs Nitrogen in LPG Systems

    Hi In a new LPG-cylinder it helps 1. time lighting of gas if the cylinder is charged with CO2 instead of air prefilling of LPG. Will Nitrogen have same effect?
  6. A

    Agres, introduction & ice sheet modeling issue

    I always had an interest in science. At SUNYA, I took a lot of science, and did modeling for Jay Forrester's Club of Rome Report. My junior thesis was based on that work, and my advisors laughed at it, so I decided that I did not want a degree from SUNYA. My second choice university did not...
  7. DrFreeman

    Calculating CO2 expansion time and generated suction

    I need help with figuring out how to devise an equation that I'm going to plug into an algorithm for my software. These are the components: CO2 cartridge pressure regulator output should be around 200 psi. Tank #1 has a volume of 800 mL, pressure is around 15 psi. There are no valves between...
  8. S

    Adsorption of CO2

    Hello, I am trying to come up with a easy method of determining amount of gas, in this case CO2 adsorbed onto a solid adsorbent. The adsorbent i am going to use is microporous polymer (MP). So, if it has to be as simple as it can be, I think I should measure change in weight. At this point I am...
  9. Sky Burns

    How to calculate time when given distance, mass, and power

    1. Homework Statement I need to calculate the time that it takes for a drag car that is powered by an 8 gram CO₂ cartridge to go across a certain distance. My wooden drag car is 100 grams. It will be traveling a distance of 50 feet. 2. Homework Equations Force= mass x acceleration Power=...
  10. Jonski

    Energy Intensity of black coal

    1. Homework Statement Brown coal, energy content 16 MJ/kg, carbon content 65% by weight, burning in a 30% efficient steam power plant. 2. Homework Equations What is the emissions intensity (kg CO2 emitted/kWh delivered) ? Compare this to Hazelwood which is 1.53 tCO2/Mwh 3. The Attempt at a...
  11. B

    Confused - Pressure in a canister?

    A manufacturer quotes a standard co2 canister contains 16g of co2 at a volume of 20cm^3. So I need to calculate the pressure in the canister.... Using ideal gas law P = nRT/V n = 0.364mol (16 of co2) R = 8.314 J/Kmol (universal gas constant) T = 294k (gas is at room temp 21 deg C) V =...
  12. Kior

    Why is there a seasonal cycle of CO2?

    I am preparing my AOSS class next semester, and I found it is interesting that there is a seasonal cycle of CO2. I looked for some information on the Internet, and this seems to do with the plants. They awake in the spring and summer, absorbing a lot of CO2 by photosynthesis and die in the...
  13. Scott Davies

    Why are there no pneumatic cylinders for CO2 PSI?

    I have only found pneumatic cylinders for pressures up to 450 PSI. Why do they not make them for higher pressures?
  14. G

    CO2 forms from water and antacid tablet

    1. Homework Statement For a chemistry lab, we're trying to find the amount of CaCO3 in an antacid table by measuring the change in pressure due to the reaction of CaCO3 with HCl to produce CO2. This question in the lab report is confusing me to no end... Let’s say the % concentrations of CaCO3...