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Collapse and creation of wave function

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    in a double slit experiment, if we find which-way and then stop observing the photon and send it again through another double slit (kept in, say, series), would an interference pattern occur?....the second time around
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    If I am envisioning your thought experiment correctly, then yes.

    Just to make sure I'm visualizing the same thing, you're talking about letting the photon pass through a detection screen, then through a second double slit, then to a second detector, you should be able to get a second interference pattern, in theory, as long as the experiment is set up correctly.
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    thanks CJames. so in the first screen there would be no interference pattern (because we got which-way) however the second screen would have the interference pattern.

    so getting which-way causes the photon to behave as a particle but only for a short period of time, when we are observing the photon?
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    When we have determined the path of a said photon then we observe that it behave particle like i.e for example if one photon has gone through a slit we'll see a point on the screen ahead however say if haven't observed the wave-function of the photon then an interference pattern is observed. Yes,for a short period as long as the observer is inciting a collapse.

    Have a read on Schrodinger's "Cat in a box" experiment[ C.I] which explains quantum behavior adequately and HUP.When we know the position of a particle with greater precision then this induces greater uncertainty over the momentum parameter, as a result of this we find ourselves being able to calculate one parameter but this irrevocable changes other.

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