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College freshman (pre-med) Chem advice needed

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    Alright. I'm a pre-med so my science classes are really important. Unfortunately for me, I'm taking 18 credits and Bio + Chem. I'm not really used to the college system and the whole taking notes thing. Especially for a math based science like Chem. I feel like words aren't that important. So I don't really take notes or know what to write. Plus he gives us handouts and base his lesson from the book (text).

    My question is, how can I master the material?? For instance right now we're doing matter / atoms so my strategy was to spend as much time as needed on the chapters in the text and use google and wikipedia if I have to in order to know about matter and atoms inside out. That's the plan for the entire course. To know the material inside out by studying on my own and just kind of listening just to get an idea in class. 'cause it's not easy taking notes.

    what do you guys think?? Is this approach good?? is it more than I can take?? will I burn out early?? we have a quiz next week and I want to spend alot of hours this week-end 'til quiz day making sure I know the chapter we're doing really well.
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    Read the chapter from the book and skim the homework before the lecture.

    Ask questions, get help ASAP when you need it.

    Study a lot. Use multiple resources if necessary.
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    "what do you guys think?"

    I think you should calm down and try to learn the material. I would hope that "studying on your own and just kind of listening just to get an idea in class" will not cause you to burn out.
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