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A freshman, first year, or frosh, is a person in the first year at an educational institution, usually a secondary or post-secondary school.

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  1. Florian Geyer

    Help with a Refraction problem that involves light passing through different media

    Hello esteemed members, I hope this message will find you well, I have encountered this problem in Serway and Jewitt 9e. My problem is only with parts (d) and (e). I tried to solve the problem in two ways, one is based on intuition, and the second is based on the equations, but the two method...
  2. Kalebh03

    Courses Freshman Physics Major Struggles in University Course

    I'm currently a freshman physics major coming into university from an early college high school, so I was lucky enough to have some experience taking college level physics courses before I came to university. I didn't think that those courses were rigorous enough in comparison to what I've heard...
  3. J

    Looking for physics internships requiring one letter of recommendation

    I'm currently a college freshman studying physics. The only previous research experience I had was a virtual one with the EPA on things not really related to physics (it was about 3D printer emissions). I'm trying to look for something for the summer and I've already applied for a bunch...
  4. X

    Admissions Failed Freshman Year: Will It Affect My Graduate Admission?

    I failed all classes in my freshman year first semester. I am going to retake them.Does that affect my graduate admission?
  5. aspiringastronomer

    Struggling in my freshman year of Physics at university

    If Tl;dr I am struggling in Math 171 and Physics 191 and throwing around the idea of declaring a geology major with an astronomy minor because the Physics major "juice is not worth the squeeze" at my age(29) anyone else out there who struggled with Calculus 1 when they first took it?Hello...
  6. Frabjous

    Intro Physics Is there a freshman dedicated EM book other than Purcell?

    Is there a freshman dedicated EM book other than Purcell? I am not interested in the standard combo texts or Feynman.
  7. Asker321

    Courses Should I take Calculus 2 my freshman year of college?

    I self-studied Calculus 1 (AP Calc AB) in my sophomore year of high school and I got a 4 on the AP exam. I took the class Calculus 2 (AP Calc BC) in my junior year of high school. I did not take the exam at the end of the year. I didn't take any math in my senior year of high school. Because...
  8. Kalebh03

    Admissions Should I enroll in college as a freshman or transfer as a junior?

    I will be graduating from early college (high school dual enrolled with community college) in 2022. I'm a senior, but we add a fifth year at our school, so I'll be a "supersenior." I will graduate with my high school diploma as well as an Associate's in Science and possibly an Associate's in...
  9. F

    Classical How many of a chapter's problems do I do before moving to the next chapter?

    A freshman here, Hi. I am taking the following courses this year: E&M, Mechanics, Calc., Statistics and Chemistry. i use Halliday-Resnick volume 2 for E&m, vol.1 for mechanics while i use Serway-Jewett as reference. for stats its Anthony Hayter and Ebbing-GAmmon for Chem my problem is this...
  10. Zifan Wang

    What can a physics student expect from joining the PF community?

    I am a student in physics major, a freshman in college. I hope I would learn some advanced things about physics in the forums.:smile:
  11. AryaKimiaghalam

    Programs Doing a joint honours in maths and physics or just physics?

    Hi, I'm currently a freshman and I need to choose my program next year! My goal is to pursue physics and go to graduate school for theoretical physics (experimental is still an option). I firstly planned to do a joint honours in mathematics and physics which is offered by the Math department in...
  12. doglover9754

    Schools Can I get some guidance for math courses to take? (high school freshman)

    So I’m a high school freshman this school year. We have these little presentations by our counselors about planning out our high school years and beyond. In our high school, you only need 3 credits for math (3 years) to graduate. I am currently in Algebra 1. I heard that my school offers these...
  13. T

    Exploring the Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation: A Freshman's Perspective

    Hello, everyone! My name is thousand. I majoy in optics. Nowadays I am working on NLSE simulation.
  14. Islam Barakat

    What are the top books in physics for a freshman engineer

    I am freshman engineering student and i want to improve myself in physics specially in mechanics now i study from "Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics ( 8E 2009 ) Raymond A. Serway, John W. Jewett" (Serway) and i want to know if (Serway) will be enough for my study...
  15. Anshul23

    Highschool graduate dealing with a triple integral?

    I recently came across a problem in Irodov which dealt with the gravitational field strength of a sphere. Took some time to get my head around it and figure how to frame a triple integral, but it felt good at the end. Am I going to start seeing triple integrals in the freshman year tho? If so...
  16. Ryaners

    Finding sum of infinite series

    [Please excuse the screengrabs of the fomulae - I'll get around to learning TeX someday!] 1. Homework Statement Find the sum of this series (answer included - not the one I'm getting) The Attempt at a Solution So I'm trying to sum this series as a telescoping sum. I decomposed the fraction...
  17. Rod Alexei

    Schools Research Topic for Science High School Freshman in Physics

    I am having trouble creating new ideas for a physics research paper. My group has three members and we are all interested in generators that run on renewable energy. Unfortunately, we haven't found a topic yet, and the deadline is looming. We don't have a research adviser as well because to get...
  18. Ryaners

    Thermo: isothermal, reversible expansion of ideal gas

    Homework Statement Two moles of a monatomic ideal gas are at a temperature of 300K. The gas expands reversibly and isothermally to twice its original volume. Calculate the work done by the gas, the heat supplied and the change in internal energy. So: T = 300K; ΔT = 0 n = 2; R = 8.314 J K-1...
  19. AdrianMachin

    I can't manage my time, EE Freshman in a special situation

    Hi there. I'm 22yo guy from Iran, Just started studying EE (I'm a freshman). Unfortunately, I have an uncommon case in a sick system that it'll be a long story to tell why I couldn't/didn't start going to a university when I was younger, and I'll have to explain a lot since the system here works...
  20. Scraps

    Freshman Physics Majors: Who Else Is One?

    Who else is a freshman Physics major?
  21. Akshat

    Programs Should I do research my freshman year?

    I'm an incoming freshman to the University of California San Diego as a Materials Science and Nanoengineering major, and I'm interested in doing research. I've been a research assistant for over 5 years at the University of Nebraska Lincoln (2 in biochemistry, 3 in physical chemistry, and 1 in...
  22. Matejxx1

    Schools Tips for new university students

    Hi everyone, I have finally finished high school and have been accepted into a mathematical university. I'm really excited and also somewhat nervous about this whole thing since It is my dream to one day become a mathematician and I don't want to mess it up. I'm now wondering if you guys have...
  23. N

    Programs What Should a Freshman Physics Major Prioritize for Success?

    So I will be starting undergraduate study in Physics in the Fall. As of now, I am planning to get a Ph.D. in Physics, though it might be a bit too early for me to be saying this. What should my priorities be? My goal is to get into a top graduate school (e.g. MIT, Harvard, Princeton). Also, how...
  24. M

    Schools Tips for a freshman mathematics university student

    Next year, I will study mathematics at university. I think I'm well prepared, I already did some linear algebra (I got some books from my brother who studies physics and the mathematicians and physicists share some courses in the first year) and with effort it seems to work out. But, are there...
  25. JasMath33

    FDQR ( Freshman Dream Quotient Rule)

    Homework Statement I have been working with researching and writing a paper on the Freshman Dream Quotient Rule. This rule states , and I was wondering if anyone can come up with an example of 2 functions which make this work. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I have looked at...
  26. JasMath33

    A What is the Freshman Dream Quotient Rule?

    I have been interested in this idea of the FDQR. This idea states the following. I have been trying to see if there is some 2 functions which make this true, but have not found it on research or with trying functions. Does anyone have any insight on this. I think it is just neat and want to...
  27. P

    Admissions Should I read (if yes, how) arxiv as a freshman?

    I just graduated high school and will be starting my university studies in Physics. Now, I came across the site a while back and was just thinking of reading at least 1 paper everyday. By doing this, I feel like I'll be updated on what's happening in Physics currently (which field and which...
  28. mrnike992

    What companies hire freshman for summer internships?

    I'm looking to get an internship over the summer, and I know that most companies don't consider freshman but I was wondering which ones were known to. I'm a declared nuclear engineering & physics double major but I'm open to almost any field, as I'd be open to changing majors if I enjoyed the...
  29. Dr. Courtney

    Five Frequently Fatal Freshman Physics Fantasies

    http://arxiv.org/ftp/physics/papers/0605/0605152.pdf I was reminded of this paper this week while preparing a number of Calc 3 instructional videos for a new YouTube channel. An abridged version was published by Physics Education, but I prefer the 3 page version which discusses: The Fantasy...
  30. G

    Classical Good book for Freshman level E&M

    Hello all, I've looked around and it seems the general consensus is Purcell for E&M. I just wanted to make sure that these textbooks would align with my syllabus for E&M. Now there is a little thing I need to add. I'm doing Mechanics and E&M at the same time. I've previously taken AP physics A...
  31. T

    Optimization of windmill power with use of gears

    < Mentor Note -- thread moved to HH from the technical Engineering forums, so no HH Template is shown > Okay so I'm a freshman BE student and one of our first projects is designing a windmill that can produce a voltage of 5 for 2 seconds or longer. We are having trouble find the optimal gear...
  32. Oliver Ross

    Reaching skill level for Mathematical Research

    I'm a highly determined (and slightly stubborn) high school freshman who wants to learn enough mathematics to conduct mathematics research with a mentor. Looking on the internet, I found a program called MIT Primes, where students can be matched with graduate students/professors at MIT to...
  33. M

    What sparked your passion for engineering?

    Hi, I'm new to PF, and I just figured I'd explain myself. I'm a High School freshman, and I love engineering. I love robotics, aerodynamics, astronomy, astrophysics, and computers. My favorite scientist is Neil DeGrasse Tyson. (I've read all his papers). My two biggest hobbies are computers and...
  34. Brahmajala

    Advices for a freshman in a Physics BSc course

    Hi everyone, I don't know if similar questions have been submitted here previously, let me know if they were. So, I just graduated from the local High School in Aeronautics, and I'm ending up in what's deemed one of the hardest courses you can think of here in Italy: Physics. I'm going to start...
  35. M

    Programs Advice for a freshman math major?

    Hey guys! I'm going to be a freshman at Stony Brook next month, and I was wondering if anybody could give me some advice. 1. What are some things I should start doing as soon as possible to ensure that I get into a decent graduate school? 2. As of now, I am interested in mathematical logic...
  36. C

    High School Freshman Cosmology

    Hello all! I've been instructed to construct a week long Cosmology class for High School Freshman. The class will run from about 8am-3pm everyday (with breaks and lunch or course). My first step in constructing this class is just to ask you guys what you would want to learn about...
  37. T

    Classical Best intro physics (electricity and magnetism) for freshman

    I took a college physics course (Mechanics) at a CC, and my physics prof was notoriously known to be one of the best... many of the students transferred to Berkeley and say that he is one of the best they have taken. He said that his two favorite book are: Halliday Resnik: Fundamentals of...
  38. S

    Intro Math Introductory Book on Group Theory for HS freshman?

    I am looking for an introductory book on group theory for my son who is a high school freshman. He has a good grasp of the basics of mathematics and is ready to take calculus classes. He has a very strong intuitive grasp of symmetry and transformations, so I thought that he may be ready to be...
  39. N

    Struggling in Diff Eq Class: Advice for a Ditzy Freshman

    I'm a 2nd-semester freshman taking my first upper-level class (partial diff eq) and I'm really struggling. People always ask me what I'm doing in that class as a freshman and I answer by telling them I'm an idiot and a masochist, which is true. I've spent most of my time and energy on that class...
  40. N

    Should I continue with physics if I am better at humanities?

    Hi all! I'm having quite an internal dilemma. I really love physics and math and my dream for a long time has been to get a science/math phd and become a research professor. However, I just finished my first semester at university and I appear to be better at humanities/social sciences. My...
  41. B

    Should I Choose a B.A. or B.S. in Physics to Prepare for an Engineering Career?

    Hello! So I am currently a senior at a relatively small high school in Pennsylvania. I have always wanted to become an engineer. I have loved Legos from an early age which I believe sparked the engineering path. I'm just fascinated by how things work, especially our natural world. I took AP...
  42. S

    Conceptual Newton's Law's Questions - HS Freshman Physics

    NOTE: The following questions are not part of any homework assigned. This is part of finding extra concept-related questions to help me study for my physics unit test. Homework Statement I have conceptual questions, not problems. I'll provide sufficient evidence that I've attempted to think...
  43. O

    Should a Freshman Take a Sophomore-Level Math Methods in Physics Course?

    I am a second-semester undergraduate in Physics and I have been looking to do some extra course work in my major beyond the intro course sequence. I took what was basically the equivalent of AP physics in high school, but the program at my university STRONGLY recommends that all physics majors...
  44. T

    Programs New "Freshman" Physics (BS) Major

    Hello, PhysicsForums members! I made a previous thread on this forum entitled "From Music to Math", and I have decided after being in a "Physics Education" track for half a semester, I have decided I am going to pursue a BS in Physics. I am actually a Sophomore by year; so, since I studied...
  45. R

    Freshman schedule help: advanced physics & chem? calc3/lin.alg/diff.eq

    I am going to be an incoming freshman for engineering (undecided, big 4). I am building a schedule that I don't know how to build. Scored 5 ap calc bc. *** My schedule list is * **English**: Freshman Composition (Honors maybe, i don't think this matters much) * **Math**: Calc 3/Lin...
  46. C

    General and/or Specific Advice For a Fall 2014 Freshman

    I'm 19, aspiring to go into professional physics, most probably in the astrophysics branch. I'm mostly attracted to gravity (please do not mind the pun), quantum mechanics, string theory, the remote possibility of FTL travel using Alcubierre Drives (or better technology, someday), fusion, et al...
  47. M

    How screwed will I be my Freshman year?

    Alright guys, let me give you the low-down: I'm a senior in high school Last math class I took was Pre-Calc last year (None this year) I'm going into electrical engineering They want me to take Calc I my freshman year How common is it for an engineering student to start with Calc I...
  48. R

    What Innovative Product Should a Freshman Engineer Create?

    I am an IITian freshman. We have been asked to manufacture a product, something that is made in workshops, (i.e. should include, but may not restricted to, carpentry, casting of metals, and such other methods.) The product should be innovative, and should address some problem. I am running out...
  49. T

    What Makes a Sliding Book Stop Both Rotating and Translating Simultaneously?

    Yes, very catchy title. But it also happens to be true! Here's the windup: This question comes from the Halliday and Resnick edition that was used in the 80's. I was a grad student at the time at a very prestigious department and somehow this question came to my attention. I couldn't figure...
  50. A

    How Should a Freshman Physics Major Spend Their Summer?

    What is the best possible way to use the summer after freshman year? I have these options currently: 1) Enroll in a summer session at my university. 2) Enroll in a summer session at a different university.(Is this worth it?) 3) Apply for a summer REU For reference, I am a physics major...