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College-level STEM competitions, fairs and olympiads

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    I've been interested in participating in some kind of college-level international/national STEM competitions (single or team), fairs (research based) or olympiads mainly because I never had in high school and want to experience it, but I've noticed in my search that 95% of these types of competitions are for high school. Do you guys have any suggestions for such competitions, or perhaps a link to some kind of resource for finding them?
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    The Putnam competition is a math competition that takes place every December on the first Saturday. If you're into pure math, take it. It's quite difficult (I took it last winter and got 12/120). It's quite highly regarded in terms of college-level math competitions.
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    If you're in or willing to travel to Canada I would recommend taking part in the Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference.

    Another option is to get involved with research on some level and see about attending a conference in that field. Often, conferences will have reduced fees for students.
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