What is Olympiads: Definition and 19 Discussions

An Olympiad (Greek: Ὀλυμπιάς, Olympiás) is a period of four years associated with the Olympic Games of the Ancient Greeks. Although the Ancient Olympic Games were established during Archaic Greece, it was not until the Hellenistic period, beginning with Ephorus, that the Olympiad was used as a calendar epoch. Converting to the modern BC/AD dating system, the first Olympiad began in the summer of 776 BC and lasted until the summer of 772 BC, when the second Olympiad would begin with the commencement of the next games. Thus, Olympiad N for N less than 195 started in the year



{\displaystyle 780-4\times N}
BC and ended four years later. For N greater than 194, Olympiad N started in AD



{\displaystyle 4\times N-779}
and ended four years later.
By extrapolation, the
1st year of the 700th Olympiad began (or will begin) around June 21, 2021.
A modern Olympiad refers to a four-year period beginning January 1 of the year the Olympic Summer Games are normally held. The first modern Olympiad began January 1, 1896, the second January 1, 1900, and so on (the 32nd began January 1, 2020: see the Olympic Charter).
The ancient and modern Olympiads would have synchronised had there been a year zero between the Olympiad of 4 BC and the one of 4 AD. But as the Julian calendar goes directly from 1 BC to 1 AD, the ancient Olympic cycle now lags the modern cycle by one year.

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  1. P

    Seeking the toughest problem books on mechanical properties of solids and fluids for olympiads

    TL;DR Summary: I need the toughest problem books for mechanical properties of solids and mechanical properties of fluids, much better if they're relevant for olympiads. I need the toughest problem books for mechanical properties of solids and mechanical properties of fluids, much better if...
  2. U

    Studying What do I need before starting to learn electrodynamics?

    I am a high school sophomore and I want to take part in Physics Olympiads which is exactly why I want to learn electrodynamics. I have ordered 'An Introduction to Electrodynamics' by D.J. Griffiths. I am halfway through MIT OCW mechanics course and I know Calculus equivalent to standard Calculus...
  3. U

    Prepare for National Physics Olympiad in India: Tips for High School Students

    I am a new member here and decided to join Physics Forums to get help to prepare for Physics Olympiads. I am a high school sophomore. Going to be a junior soon. I have taken advanced Math classes via MIT OCW and the internet. I am also proficient with Mechanics, but nothing international...
  4. snate

    Spring and pulley task

    Homework Statement 2 bricks of mass m are located near the edge of a smooth horizontal surface, they are connected by an ideal weightless ,unstretched spring with a length of l0 and spring constant k. The brick which is closer to the edge is connected to another brick of the same mass by an...
  5. K

    Schools College-level STEM competitions, fairs and olympiads

    I've been interested in participating in some kind of college-level international/national STEM competitions (single or team), fairs (research based) or olympiads mainly because I never had in high school and want to experience it, but I've noticed in my search that 95% of these types of...
  6. T

    Study for Olympiads: Physics, Maths & Astronomy

    i wish to give physics mathematics and astronomy olympiad, how should I study for it? which books should i refer ?
  7. L

    British Physics Olympiad 2004 (GCSE)

    5. Point Q is 3m above and 4m to the North of Point P. Ignoring friction how much energy does it take to move a 5kg sack of potatoes from point P to point Q? These are multiple choice questions of the exam, so in the mark scheme it only says: A, B ... The question paper can be found...
  8. AdityaDev

    Forum for olympiads and entrance examination

    Questions that come for Olympiads and entrance examinations are of a different level. It would be better if PhysicsForums had a separate forum for Olympiads where one can discuss high level problems because such problem requires a great knowledge and good conceptual strength. Also such problems...
  9. S

    Preparing for Physics Olympiads in 2 Months: Books to Study

    I want to prepare for upcoming national and international physics olympiad and i have about two months to do so. Can anyone suggest me a book topicwise or for complete physics. Thank You !
  10. C

    Olympiads or Science Fairs: What Will Help Me Get Into Top US Schools?

    I am a high school student in India . I finished grade 10 this year . I have completed phyiscs upto the level of RESNICK HALLIDAY , i learned all high school mathematics and Single variable calculus . I want to go to US for college . So i want to get into schools like MIT/CalTech/harvard etc ...
  11. N

    Problem book for physics olympiads

    Iam preparing for physics olympiad 2014 . i have read all theory and had a good amount of problem solving from resnick halliday walker . i need a problem book with difficulty comparable to that of the international physics olympiads. I have IE IRODOV and SS KROTOV . which is a better book for...
  12. M

    Math Olympiads problem

    Homework Statement f\left(x^{2}+f(y)\right)=y-x^{2} Homework Equations Find all functions f that satisfy the relationship for every real x and y. The Attempt at a Solution is this correct reasoning? for x=0: f(y)=f^{-1}(y) for x>0: \existsxεℝ: x=k^{2}...
  13. M

    Math Olympiads problem that I couldn't do.

    Homework Statement for every (x,y) in ℝ^2: f(x^2+f(y))= y-x^2 Homework Equations Find all functions. The Attempt at a Solution I was wondering if rewriting it as x^2+f(y)=f^-1(y-x^2)?
  14. L

    Non linear motion ( Physics olympiads question )

    Homework Statement A cat sitting in a field suddenly sees a standing dog. To save its life, the cat runs away in a straight line with speed u. Without any delay, the dog starts with running with constant speed v>u to catch the cat. Initially, v is perpendicular to u and L is the initial...
  15. Ö

    Turkland maths olympiads

    from my turkish maths olympiads book original question in addition to.. link http://www.akdeniz.edu.tr/fenedebiyat/math/olimpiyat/2006a.pdf [Broken] question 19 ^=exponent we are looking for integer solutions (x, y) x^3 - y^3 = 2.(y)^2 + 1 Find how many integer solutions there...
  16. P

    Links to Physics and Maths Olympiads

    Hi, I am in need of very hard physics and maths problems from olympiads best in English/German/Russian. Thanks
  17. J

    British Physics Olympiad - Intellectual Masochism?

    Has anybody here done one of these? I just did the paper 2 and I feel like my brain's going to dribble out of my nose. ok, so the questions weren't quite that hard, but it was still evil (still, considering a gold is something like 50% - 60% so I don't suppose I did badly compared to...
  18. S

    For the Physics Olympiads

    Hey you knowledgeable physics guys...what books are good for the Physics Plympiads? (the U.S. one)