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Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is a broad term used to group together these academic disciplines. This term is typically used to address an education policy or curriculum choices in schools. It has implications for workforce development, national security concerns and immigration policy. The science in STEM typically refers to two out of the three major branches of science: natural sciences, including biology, physics, and chemistry; and formal sciences, of which mathematics is an example, along with logic and statistics. The third major branch of science, social science such as: psychology, sociology, and political science, are categorized separately from the other two branches of science, and are instead grouped together with humanities and arts to form another counterpart acronym named HASS (Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences), rebranded in the UK in 2020 as SHAPE.The acronym was adopted by Rita Colwell and other science administrators in the National Science Foundation (NSF) in 2001. However, the acronym STEM predates NSF and was used by a variety of educators including Charles E. Vela, the founder and director of the Center for the Advancement of Hispanics in Science and Engineering Education (CAHSEE). In the early 1990s, CAHSEE started a summer program for talented under-represented students in the Washington, DC area called the STEM Institute. Based on the program's recognized success and his expertise in STEM education, Charles Vela was asked to serve on numerous NSF and Congressional panels in science, mathematics and engineering education; it is through this manner that NSF was first introduced to the acronym STEM. One of the first NSF projects to use the acronym was STEMTEC, the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Teacher Education Collaborative at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, which was founded in 1998.

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  1. warhammer

    Other [Astrophysics] Topics for Academic Projects

    I've sought admission to a Master's Program in a foreign country. One of the requirements to get funding is to propose a detailed scientific project that the student would possibly carry out under one of the advisors. The Astrophysics topics that could fall into this are under the broad brush...
  2. Diracobama2181

    Physics What are the Options for a PhD student who missed Postdoc Deadlines?

    So I plan on defending my PhD in the summer. I want to continue my career as a physicist, however I have not applied for any postdocs yet, the reason being I technically have not gotten any published yet, however, I should be getting published within the next month. My question is what are my...
  3. NullSector

    Programs Pros and Cons of Nuclear Engineering

    Hey all. Quick questions for all you NEs and nuclear lovers out there. I am currently finishing up HS and need to decide a major for college. I am trying to decide between EE and NE, but am strongly considering NE. I have always loved nuclear energy and anything related to nuclear in general...
  4. Frabjous

    The changing physics curriculum in 1961

    Phillip Morse (of Morse and Feshbach) wrote this preface for the preliminary* edition of his book Thermal Physics. It has some interesting comments about curriculum reform. * First time I have heard of a preliminary edition of a book
  5. Ronald_James

    Admissions Seeking Feedback on my Physics Personal Statement for Uni Application

    Hello everyone, I am a mature student applying to an undergraduate course with a foundation year, and as I finalize my university application, I'm seeking valuable feedback on the content and structure of my personal statement. I would greatly appreciate any insights and perspectives you may...
  6. sbrothy

    Is N. David Mermin's Autobiography Relevant for Today's STEM Scholars?

    [rant clipped] I digress, meander even...I found this: Autobiographical Notes of a Physicist under physics.hist.ph. A place I suspect not many of you look regularly ;) Which sounds pretty prejudiced I'm aware. :) ) This guy's experiences may well be out of date for the need of todays STEM...
  7. KittyPaine

    Courses I can't figure out what field I should study

    I'm looking at Computer Science and IT but I'd like to narrow it down. As far as I can tell CS is programming software, IT delves into different areas of technology. I thought about accounting but I struggled with advanced mathematics and I also thought about database management, but what...
  8. what_is_going_on

    Admissions Is it too late to pursue a career in physics at 32 years old?

    Hello! I am 32 now and wanting to go a totally different direction in life. I have obtained two bachelors in Criminology and Psychology. Took a year off, then ended up going into a graduate program for Chinese Medicine. Life events happened that led to me not finishing with just a year left. I...
  9. TheMysticB

    Schools Looking for advice on where to go for undergrad to help lead to graduate work in fusion system design

    Hi guys, I'm a High School Senior from Oregon and need some suggestions on what I should do. I want to work on developing fusion and making it a viable energy source in our society. More specifically working on the materials that will withstand the actual conditions of the Fusion reaction. I...
  10. theoryboi

    Admissions Can I get away with retaking E&M, even if I got a B?

    I am in my first semester of physics after transferring from engineering, and I arrogantly took E&M instead of the recommended courses, and I am on track to get a B- or a B in the class. I plan to apply to PhD programs in a few years and even with this grade I don't thing a 3.7 or 3.8 is...
  11. pozykepler

    Other What do most Electrical Engineers end up doing? Is this degree right for me?

    My interests are quite interdisciplinary: Brain Computer Interface, Neural Networks, Physics and Neuroscience. I would like to work on BCI research in the future. Is this the right path for me?
  12. P

    Physics Is returning to school sensible for me?

    Hi everyone, This will be a long post. I spent a few days mulling over what I wanted to say. I’m not sure I have thought of everything, but I covered a good body of what has gone through my mind, with any other details I’ll bring up as they pertain for any good Samaritan who can offer any...
  13. Lathropian

    Physics Looking to pivot to physics at 31, could use some guidance

    Hi all, I am looking for some advice (high-level-ish). I fundamentally enjoyed the subject material as an undergrad majoring in Physics. However, I ended up making a late change to Electrical Engineering for the sake of job applicability. I have worked as an engineer for a couple of firms but...
  14. Slimy0233

    Physics Badly Need Honest Advice to make an informed decision on my future in Physics

    This is going to be long, but I request you to read it completely. I finished my Bachelor's 1.5 years ago and it in 2022, I started studying, but I have been having issues with my family and I had to work part time while I was doing this. I had to care for my ailing grandparents and I many...
  15. SvenFromSkyrim

    Studying Chemistry or physics - which one is more suitable for self-studying?

    First of all, I realised that asking this on physics forum might give me answers different than I'd get in chemistry message board, or more "neutral" general science forums for that matter, but this site seems to be particularly helpful and active at the same time, so I'll take my chances. In...
  16. CRiley

    What is The FISTA and How Does it Promote STEM Education and Engagement?

    My name is Chris Riley, and I am excited to introduce myself as the STEM Lead for The FISTA. It is an honor to join this community of educators, experts, and enthusiasts who are dedicated to advancing STEM education and engagement within our local community.
  17. warhammer

    Physics Unable to settle on a specialisation

    Hi. I am having a hard time settle on a specialisation. To give some details- I will complete my 3 year UG Course with a GPA of 9.65/10. I have been selected & partaken in a healthy number of conferences intended for students mostly belonging to Astrophysics, Quantum Systems & QFTs. I have a...
  18. arkiv

    Can I do MSBioPhys after BEEE?

    Can I do a Master in Biophysics after a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering?
  19. shivajikobardan

    Other I want to leave my country for further studies and life

    But the problem is that I can't drive a car in road. I've not tried to learn it yet, but I've tried to learn motorcycle and I've partially succeeded till now. So, I'm handicapped basically. I want to move abroad to a country, a place where most people use public transportation. The country needs...
  20. S

    Other Engineering Physics vs Pure Physics

    I already tried looking up my questions, I could not find answers. Of course my experience will depend on the school I go to, but my questions are intended to be more general so I can get a better understanding of each major. In short, I'm a community college student who is choosing between Eng...
  21. CuriousGuy33

    Physics Physics vs financial stability

    I am planning to take undergrad physics but I am concerned about the pay scale of physicists. Since I am the leader of my family (after my father), I will be financially supporting my family soon as my father retires (we have a family system). I also will have my wife and children. The reason I...
  22. Astroparticle

    Admissions What are my chances for PhD in physics after my MSc physics?

    Hello, everyone, I have a BSc in physics with a GPA of 3.6 in a 4.0 system. After my BSc, I was working in my country for about 2 years at a research institute, and at that time I didn't truly understand what is research and what I should specialize furthermore in physics, etc. Now, I'm...
  23. S

    How is Physics taught without Calculus?

    I remember taking Physics in high school, so I guess it is possible, but it's been so long ago, I can't remember. It just seems that Calculus is indispensable when teaching Physics topics, except for a few like heat expansion or geometric optics. I would imagine that there is a lot of Δ this &...
  24. shivajikobardan

    My random nepali name generator project blew up

    And people are contributing to it. A guy made UI using tailwindcss. He fixed reloading data on every click. I don't know what to do. He's asking to convert this application to full stack application using vue and laravel. But I've no idea about these technology as I'm beginner. Neither do I've...
  25. F

    Admissions PhD Application in Physics: Age, Immigration, 2 PhDs

    I will start an M.S. in Physics this fall at SJSU. If I apply to a PhD program in Physics once I am done with the M.S., will they consider the fact that I already have a PhD in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, my age (38 years old now) and my immigration status (international student) for...
  26. LedTasso

    Can STEM education be made fun and engaging for K-12 students?

    Hello, I am a manager at a non-profit science centre. I manage a team of educators that develop and deliver STEM programming to students all across my province, with a focus on science/coding/technology. I am passionate about teaching, and I aim to find ways to integrate all of the scientific...
  27. Abhikamya M S

    Schools Which colleges in India are best for physics and/or mathematics BSc MSc and PhD?

    In 12th and considering a career in research. Ik most of the collages ( IIT Kanpur, IISc Bangalore, IISERs etc ) but I am not sure of the research possibilities provided so if anyone can help out please do
  28. et12

    Other Advice wanted for self-directed aerospace research as a sophomore

    Hi all, I'm a sophomore in aerospace engineering, and I haven’t been able to find any internships this summer. Instead, I'm looking to do some self-directed research, specifically in aerodynamics and propulsion, which I am both equally interested in. I have had experience with CAD software like...
  29. S

    Other Are too many students going into CompSci?

    I was reading this article (paywalled), and this graph stuck out like a sore thumb: https://www.washingtonpost.com/education/2023/05/19/college-majors-computer-science-humanities/
  30. Bertin

    Other Choosing one's Master's thesis

    Dear all, I open this thread hoping you can give me some advice on the situation that follows. I am ending my master degree in Physics, with a strong curiosity—and almost complete ignorance of—quantum gravity. It is relevant here to let you know that the reason I am attracted to this/these...
  31. D

    At a Crossroads Between STEM Majors (narrowing interests)

    Hey all, Long time forum lurker here. There's a lot on my mind, but I will do my best to keep it concise: I'm an undergrad chemical engineering student, just starting my junior year. I have found myself at somewhat of a crossroads concerning my career pathway: Originally, my plan was to finish...
  32. lyra-stem

    From a teacher’s perspective, what gaps do you see in STEM education?

    Hello everyone! I’m a college student interested in starting a nonprofit organization centered around supplementing classroom STEM education. After working with a few schools and teachers in my area (Northern NJ), I’ve been told that students could benefit from more learning opportunities...
  33. nomadreid

    Medical Brain Death: Tests & Secondary Reactions

    Looking at the site https://emcrit.org/ibcc/brain-death/ and similar sites, I see that there are a series of tests of secondary reactions for brain death. Isn't the lack of brain activity sufficient?
  34. Habib

    Testing STEM students with high GPAs (3.3+), how do you study for university?

    STEM students with high GPAs (3.3+), how do you study for university final exam?
  35. vela

    Who's tried Ungrading in STEM courses?

    I'm curious if anyone has tried "ungrading" in their STEM courses and if so, how it worked out. The idea is to get away from the using points to determine a student's grade and use different types of assessment that better motivate students to learn...
  36. G

    I Stem fields in Galois theory

    I'm not sure the following passage is so trivial as it was supposed to be: I mean, what does exactly prove it? That's my question. The step is the following: if ##P## has a root ##\alpha## in ##\mathbf L## - an extension of ##\mathbf K## of degree <= ##\frac n 2## where n is the degree of ##P##...
  37. Vin B

    Simulate mach reflection with mach stem generation using Ansys Fluent

    I need to simulate mach reflection with mach stem generation using on Ansys Fluent. The wedge angle is of 22deg at Mach 5.
  38. jedishrfu

    What are the latest STEM toys on the market?

    Clicbot robotics toy (pricey at $1000 but quite cool): whats cool is its easy to assemble, has a Scratch programming interface and a more advanced Python-based interface. There are several reviews online to checkout and to see its actual capabilities. I also found this cool toy from the...
  39. greg_rack

    What STEM project can I do to fascinate an examination board?

    Hi guys, I'm currently attending my last year of high school in Italy and recently got admitted to Imperial College London, for the aeronautical engineering course. Part of the uni conditional offer consists in getting a 100/100 score at the final high-school assessment(diploma), which in spite...
  40. greg_rack

    Other Interesting high-school STEM internships/camps/projects

    Hi guys, As some of you may already know(😅), I'm 18 and currently attending my last year of high school in Italy, and looking forward to studying aerospace engineering abroad(UK or USA). My interest in STEMs is swiftly growing, leading me to study a lot on my own, taking part in as many cool...
  41. Rongeet Banerjee

    Medical How do Stem Cells help in Drug trials?

    How exactly do Stem Cells help in Drug trials ?Or do they really
  42. fluidistic

    Where/how do you buy your STEM textbooks?

    What the title reads. Ebooks count. Do you buy used textbooks too? Personally, I usually try to get a PDF/djvu file of a book I am interested in (and/or simply skim through it via Google book if possible). If I like it, I check its price on Amazon, buy it if it is cheap (I take into account...
  43. S

    Other STEM jobs most in demand now in the US and Canada

    Hi everyone. As all of you are aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a detrimental impact on the global economy, accompanied by significant job losses and rising number of those who are unemployed. That being said, even in poor economic times, there are opportunities available. So I would pose...
  44. C

    Stem and Leaf Plot for a Dependent Children-Homework Question

    The exercise is 2.37 in the book, Exploring Statistics: A modern introduction to data analysis and inference by Larry J. Kitchens 2nd editions. The data is the following: 3 2 2 4 1 1 2 3 4 1 2 0 1 2 1 0 4 2 1 0 0 1 3 0 3 2 2 3 0 3 2 5 0 1 2 1 4 3 0 5 2 0 1 1 2 6 1 2 1 5 I know the...
  45. FER

    Job Skills I Feel like there is no way I will land a STEM job

    Graduated in 2017. No real research experience (though I was in a lab). Graduated with a 3.7 from one of the top schools in the country (maybe considered 2nd tier by some/most) Had opportunities to use some random connections (customers I met while working for my parents) about a year out of...
  46. S

    Other Which STEM Jobs are Underrated and Underappreciated?

    Hi everyone! We have seen numerous threads (including a few that I've started) which involves demand for various STEM jobs. I thought I would pose a different question. Which STEM jobs or careers do you feel are underrated, in the sense that few people know about them or are aware of the...
  47. despues18

    Programs Seeking advice on how to search for a Graduate School in Molecular Biology

    Will finish B.S. in molecular biology in May. Have found asking vague questions about where to go/apply to next are pretty unhelpful. I believe that going through indexes of interesting research is the closest I can get to finding a place to advance myself and be happy in. here is an example...