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Homework Help: College physics by serway is it any good?

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    This is really not an exact question for homework, but it's kind of related. My teacher is using the book "college physics" by Serway. I'm having a lot of frustration with this book, mainly it doesn't explain things step by step. I don't think intro physics is that hard to understand but this book isn't really helping. I check out amazon.com, and the review for this book is terrible.
    Did anybody else used this book for their intro physics class?
    What do you think about this book?

    I wanted to know other's opinion on this book because I would like to know whether I'm not studying hard enough, or this book really sucked.

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    I used Serway and Jones

    "Physics for Engineers and Scientists" 6th edition, and lots of people complained about it. Now that I've been through more rigorous classes though, the book aint so bad. (i.e. now that I have Symon's Mechanics to compare to it)
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    I used Halliday , Resnick , Walker s "Fundamentals of Physics " . Its a fine book too .
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    my book of choice
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    i'm currently in AP physics and using halliday/resnick/walker's "Fundamentals of Physics" and i think that its problems are relatively decent. the notes are just ok. i also bought serway's "Physics for Scientists and Engineers" and i must say that that book helps a whole lot more. the problems are harder, which prepares you better (i feel at least) and it's example problems are pretty good. i recommend serway's "Physics for Scientists and Engineers." very good for intro to advance physics
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    I used Serway when I went through intro phys. Where I went to grad school, they used Halliday and Resnick (and it seems like this book is trying to become the standard), so I taught out of that one and hated it, especially the wording of some of the HW problems (I felt sorry for my students). But, I was surprised to hear that the students actually liked H&R and hated Serway. My impression is that Serway is perhaps harder (I would say, "more sophisticated"), but more rigorous than H&R. I also taught out of Hewitt, and I think that it might be the best intro phys book, but it definitely is not very rigorous, and not a good source for approaches to problem solving. I think all of the books for intro phys are equally good; the curiculum determines whether or not the material in the book is adequate, and the instructor makes or breaks the course.

    I still have Serway on my shelf, and I actually use it as a quick reference sometimes. I have no complaints about it.

    Huh? What do you mean by "advanced"?
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