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Homework Help: Colligative Properties of Nonelectrolyte Solutions

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    How many grams of sucrose ([tex]C_{12} H_{22} O_{11}[/tex]) must be added to 552 g of water to give a solution with a vapor pressure of 2.0 mmHg less than that of pure water at [tex]20 ^ \circ[/tex] C? The vapor pressure of pure water at [tex]20 ^ \circ[/tex] C is 17.5 mmHg.

    This is one of many similar types of problems in Chemistry (7th ed.) by Raymond Chang.

    I don't know how to start this. Does it involve Raoult's Law?
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    Yes, (in the limit of a dilute solution) you can use Raoult's Law.

    PS : Next time, such questions go in the appropriate section of the Homework/Coursework forum. And before posting there, please read the rules for posting (also found in the second line of my sig.)
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