Common Anesthetics used in the operating room

  1. Sorry if this is not the right place for this question but what are some of the more common Anesthetics used in the operating room in liquid form? Does anyone know? Thanks.
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    A lot depends on the country - AFAIK diethyl ether and chloroform are still used, but have problems so some countries allow restricted the use of them. ...I'm assuming your idea of anesthesia is what you've seen in 1950's movies. Actually ether & chloroform vaporize and enter patients through the pulmonary system.

    What exactly are you trying to find out? .. in the US most anesthetics are either IV or area "shot" - IM subcutaneous, etc.. Those are all liquids as well. Some anesthetics are gases like nitrous oxide.
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    In terms of general anaesthesia, thiopental, ketamine, diazepam, methohexital and propofol (amongst others) are currently widely used IV anaesthetics. Inhaled agents include nitrous oxide, halothane, isofluorane and enflurane. Xenon is also sometimes used, but much less so these days I believe. A muscle relaxant will often be administered along with the anaesthesia.

    What do you actually want to know?
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