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Comp.E's, CompSci's and EE's: what's your job like?

  1. May 31, 2012 #1
    Those in a CpE, CS, or EE career: I'm having a terrible time deciding to what to major in, and I'd like your input. I understand that EE and CpE involve lots of work with electrical circuits, and that CpE also involves a lot of programming (but not as much as CompSci.) I enjoy electricity/magnetism, and I also enjoyed what programming I have done, so sheer interest doesn't give either field an advantage.
    I figured one of the most important things to consider is what I'll actually end up doing. If you could, please tell me what you do (do you design products and if so what, do you oversee equipment, do you manage people, etc) and what your schedule's like (do you work weekends, what are your work hours, do you sometimes have to come in at early hours of the morning, do you get to spend much time with your kids, etc). Also useful would be your salary range vs living expenses of where you live (since $50k in NYC won't go as far as $50k in Sleepytown, OH) and how long you've had the job.

    Thanks in advance.
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    most jobs require only 15% of what you learn in your field of choice. I do java programming and seldom use anything beyond data structures and OO design and even data structures knowledge is reduced to using collection classes as needed for lists, maps and arrays. Sometime I get to do some database design and programming but that is pretty static once done. The most complicated stuff might be the GUI to be used by the program operator and how its gets updated in a multi-threaded environment.

    If you did web based work, you'd be developing across a range of languages from AJAX (async javascript and xml) to server-side java with database backends or you'd be doing Ruby on Rails with some javascript on the frontend or whatever the language dujour is for your job.
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