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Comparison between metals and semiconductors

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    Hey guys ive got an assignment. I need a comparison between a normal conductor and a semiconductor and why a classical understanding isnt enough to explain how an SC works. Also are there any electrical properties of an SC besides decreasing resisitivity at higher temps?
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    Simon Bridge

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    Welcome to PF;
    Review the classical treatment of how conduction and resistance happens.
    Look up "band theory of solids" for how conductors, semi-conductors, and resistors get classified.

    Semi-conductor behavior can get very complicated.
    There are lots of properties besides the temperature dependence of resistivity.
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    im not allowed to use band structures :/
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    Yet, you neglected to state this in your original post. Care to list out any further constraints to this assignment before one of us wastes our time and effort giving you a response that you can't use?

    BTW, is this a school-related work that should have been done in the HW/Coursework forum instead?

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    I apologise, this is the first time I've used a forum. I just saw solid state physics so I thought it'd go in there
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    Simon Bridge

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    band-theory as a search term will get you the information you need even though you cannot use the band theory itself. You will want some sort of historical overview leading up to band theory - that should actually tell you why band theory is needed.

    You still need to spell out the classical theory of conduction and look for properties of semi-conduction that do not fit.
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