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Comparison Between Two Results

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    Hello Everyone,

    I am performing comparisons between our obtained values with the values presented in the literature. These comparisons will be presented in our future paper. Usually, every relative error or a discrepancy below 10% is considered to be a "good" agreement in the Molecular Physics framework. I was wondering whether I can use "excellent" and "very good" in addition to "good" agreement in my comparisons that show relative errors below 10%.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards,
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    Hi Sams,

    You mention two results. And a relative discrepancy. But nothing about the errors in the results.

    E.g. 500 +/- 120 agrees very well with 600 +/- 120, even though the discrepancy is 20 %.

    491 +/-2 differs significantly from 500 +/- 3, even though the discrepancy is only 2%.

    I suppose you want to read up a bit on hypothesis testing and such.
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    Hi BvU,

    Thank you so much for your clear explanation...

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