Comparison of DFB edge emitting laser vs. VCSEL

  1. Does anyone know of an article that has a good in-depth, side by side comparison of DFB edge emitting lasers and VCSEL lasers? From my research it seems to me that the VCSEL papers are all trying to justify why laser production should shift towards VCSEL, and mostly list the advantages over an edge emitting laser; and, conversely, the edge emitting articles are all focused on some new improvement in edge emitting lasers and not competing with VCSEL. So, I'm trying myself to figure out the pros and cons between the two, but it would be great to have something reinforce what I've come up with.

    Up until this point I've really only known crystal lasers, so I already know the general concepts of lasers, and I figured it's about time for me to get some knowledge in semiconductor lasers. I started with the basic Fabry-Perot edge emitting laser, and now learning about DFB and VCSEL lasers. I feel like a total laser noob right now. :)
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    These two reference articles describe each type, and also describe some differences:

    What you need is a review paper which includes both DFB and VCSEL lasers. A Google search found:

    There were more on Google Scholar.

    This industrial application article may also be helpful:
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