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Complex Analysis and Statistics

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    I have a degree in Engineering. Now I am back to school, for a 2 year Master's degree in Statistics. The second semester just started. And there will be a 3rd. Is there a chance that I will need complex numbers? My background in Complex Analysis is very limited. Should I study any Complex Analysis? What books?
    This is a Statistics course, so they don't teach other than Statistics! At least that's how it was in the 1st semester.

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    If you take mathematical statistics courses, or a course in probability theory, you may, depending on the level, see some complex analysis ideas relating to characteristic functions of distributions.
    I think it is far more likely that your multivariate calculus and linear algebra skills will be important, if your classes center on applications.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    These are the courses we are going to have this semester:

    Bayesian statistics
    Experimental design
    Space-time statistics
    Multivariate statistics
    Survival analysis

    For the 3rd semester we don't know yet. There is a list of options. From which a few will be voted by the students. And yes, "Mathematical statistics" is on the list.
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