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Complex Analysis: Sums of elementary fractions

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    I have a homework question that reads:
    Represent the following rational functions as sums of elementary fractions and find the primitive functions ( indefinite integrals );

    (a) f(z)=z-2/z^2+1

    But my confusion arrises when I read sums of elementary fractions.
    I think what the question is asking is, show that it is holomorphic, in order to use the property g'(z)=f(z).

    Could someone clarify this maybe?
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    Gib Z

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    It just means that as a whole, [tex]\int \frac{z-2}{z^2+1} dz[/tex] may be a hard integral, but [tex]\int \frac{z}{z^2+1} dz -2\int \frac{1}{z^2+1} dz[/tex] are 2 easy ones.
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