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Complex Variables or Stochastic Processes?

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    Hi, I am a math and physics major planning on going into biophysics for grad school, and i want to do computational/mathematical modelling/theoretical work in the field. I have one more math course to take and im not sure which would be more useful. Here are their very brief course descriptions.

    Complex Variables:Analytic functions, integration, power series, residues, and conformal mapping.

    Elementary Stochastic Processes: Markov chains, Poisson process, and Brownian motion.

    Thank You!
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    I vote stochastic Processes. Much of complex variables may be overly theoretical. I think basic complex analysis is very important but if you are mostly interested in applications you should just study basic complex on your own. Its not overly difficult. Stochastic Analysis has many applications to biology.
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    Although I hate the thought of a mathematician not taking complex analysis, I have to concur. But I echo deluks in that you really should spend some time at some point in your career learning it. I think it's a really fascinating subject - and some of the results were pretty surprising to me.
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