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Homework Help: Composition of fuel, AFR , & of air

  1. Dec 19, 2011 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    hi guys, i have problem regarding this matters.

    Products : hydrocarbon

    if i have this :

    CO2 - 80%
    CO - 0.9%
    O2 - 8.8%
    N2 - 82.3%

    1) how to determine the composition of the fuel?

    2) the air fuel ratio?
    known , the air fuel ratio is : mass of air / mass of fuel

    how can i get the mass base on the given data?

    3) the percentage of excess air used.

    please help advice to settle this problem.


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    So you have a gas mixture composed of 80% CO2 and 82.3% N2?

    Nonsense! Think about it some more and get back to us...
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    sorry, typo error..

    CO2 - 8.0%
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    No idea what the question is. Please don't ignore homework template - it requires you to post the question verbatim, not just some subset of the information.

    You mentioned hydrocarbon, so regardless of what the gas mentioned is I would expect it to contain water - but it is not listed.
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