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Homework Help: Compressive/Tensive Force at joint

  1. May 31, 2013 #1
    If "A" were a joint of the body, what is the compressive/tensive force at the joint?

    I already figured out the torque about A to be 6.840 Nm, but I'm not quite sure how to go about figuring out compressive/tensive forces. Normally, there would be a force associated in the area or angles would be given, but there is no other information.

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    hi cdornz! :smile:
    you misssed out "(ie, force oriented along the limb)" …

    that's all you need to find, the component of the force (at A) along the limb (the thick line) :wink:

    if it's away from A, it's tensive, if it's towards A, it's compressive

    (and this has nothing to do with torque)
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