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Comsol 3.5x: Obtaining boundary coordinates from irregular geom obj

  1. Jun 11, 2013 #1
    I don't have access to Comsol 4.x.

    I imported a 3D mesh generated from point cloud data and generated a geometry. (A hollow almost-ellipsoid.) I solve my system on the surface/boundary alone; there is no volumetric data.

    I need to extract 1D data from the surface/boundary at points other than the original mesh points. The problem is that I don't know the x,y,z coords of the newly-created geometry except at the mesh points.

    Does anyone know how to:

    a) Draw a 2D plane/boundary through the 3D geometry and extract data where the 2D boundaries intercept?


    b) Get creative with the post-processing tools to export these data? (These all seem to require x,y,z coords I don't have a priori.)

    Right now I am exporting greyscale images to image processing software and extracting intensities - very laborious and inelegant.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!
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    don't know much about this, I am just going to throw one concept out there: bilinear interpolation...is that what you are doing with the image?

    Say, on that comsol program, if you want 1D data along the surface of the object, can you just draw a line from one point to another and let the program report to you the value of the attribute (nodal solution or whatever) versus the length of the line (0..1)? The software should be able to interpolate for a value anywhere inside each element and report attribute values along the trajectory indicated...no? I am just saying this 'cause I seem to recall similar abilities in ANSYS.
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