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Concentrated sulfuric acid (18.4 molar) has a density of 11.84 g/ml

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    Concentrated sulfuric acid (18.4 molar) has a density of 11.84 g per ml
    dilution with water to 5.20 molar, density of 1.38 g per ml
    can be used as an a electroyte is lead batterys.

    What is the molality of the 5.20 molar H2SO4 solution?

    well im not exactly sure where to start, but i know that i need to find moles of solute/kg of solvent. i think i should start with grams in one liter and use that to find the number of grams or moles of solution, but other than that i am pretty lost.

    where am i wrong and whats next?
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    Start with 1L of solution, calculate number of moles of sulfuric acid (easy part), mass of solvent (not that hard - start with mass of solution, subtract mass of sulfuric acid) and you are ready to calculate molality.
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    can someone give me a lil more help, i understand what borek is saying, but how do i find the mass of the solvent, and what method do i use when given the density
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    Do you recall the units for molecular weight and how to determine that using information in the periodic table? You'll need that to help you solve the problem.
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