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Concept and theories of Quantum Physics

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    Could someone please explain to me the concept and theories of 'Quantum Physics', as I am quite perplexed at this topic, but simultaneously intrigued at the thought of it.
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    Doc Al

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    That's a pretty broad request, kind of like asking "please explain physics to me". Have you started with Google?
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    Not yet, I'll try it now, though.
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    Ok, so is quantum physics the fundamental branch of physics that focuses on physical phenomena at (nanoscopic scales)? Just want to see if my research is valid.
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    There may well be something to Scott's suggestion that quantum mechanics ought to be first introduced that way, but given those are notes for a graduate course in quantum computing I think that particular presentation is way too truncated to be of any use to someone who doesn't already know quantum mechanics. Until someone does develop a full ground-up introduction to QM from an information theoretic stand point, best to stick with the standard pedagogy.

    TheBiologist, you'd probably be best off just buying one the standard introductory textbooks to quantum mechanics. I like Griffiths for a first course since he's pretty wordy and makes for a pretty gentle introduction. Others here will have other suggestions, I'm sure. Debating the merits of various quantum mechanics textbooks is a frequent past-time here so if you do a forum search you will find many other suggestions.
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