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Concept of quantization-Schroedinger equation

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    I have a little problem with giving the solution for this question:
    Explain the concept of quantization on the example of energy levels for
    particle in the box of length L if the solution to Schroedinger equation is Psi = C sin ( sqrt( 2 m E ) / h x )
    Maybe I don't understand this question, but for couple of hours I'm trying to solve this and my results are not impressive, so I ask You for help. I can give you my mail: my mail
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    yes I also solved this in my introductory course, along with the partial differential equations of General relativity.

    ANYWAYS... What you need to do is start with the differential equaiton, then plug in proper value of V(x). You will get two seperate solutions, and the I believe you can throw one of them out (because it is and odd function). Show some work btw.
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    War-Saw has the solution ... but he did not draw the wave function yet.
    So he might see the "E" in the argument, along with m and h,
    but he doesn't realize that the function must go to zero at x=0 and x=L .

    Looking at the diff.eq. will show that the curvature of the function
    must be infinite at each end-point x=0 and x=L (for zero distance, tho).
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