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Homework Help: Conceptual thermodynamics question

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    http://wps.prenhall.com/esm_giancoli_physicsppa_6/0,8713,1115091-,00.html (under practice questions)

    On questions 16,17, & 18 I'm trying to figure what is the difference between them (Clearly Tc is different, but how does that change the problem?). The question asks
    The heat engine shown above is

    a) a reversible (Carnot) heat engine.
    b) an irreversible (Carnot) heat engine.
    c) a hoax.
    d) none of the above.

    I'm guessing I just don't understand the concepts, as I thought a Carnot engine was suppose to avoid irreversible processes, like an idealization. Anyway, the answer to 17 & 18 are "a hoax." They all seem to have thermal efficiencies of less than 1, so how should I look at these questions?
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    Hi kuahji,

    For a heat engine operating between two heat reservoirs, what is the maximum efficiency possible?
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