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Concerning Bioinformatics and Pearl (PERL)

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    I heard of Pearl and intend on learning it, yet I do have a question:
    are there any better programming languages than pearl or more used and popular?
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    I always hear about R when I hear about bioinformatics, but I have no experience with it, I'm more of a matlab guy (braces for python assault).
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    There is such a language as "Pearl", but I would bet that you mean "PERL".
    I have not programmed in biometrics, so my advice is limited. Here is an short article by someone who has:http://www.molecularecologist.com/2012/11/a-comparison-of-bioinformatics-programming-languages/

    The one thing that is not mentioned in that article is reusing code. If "R" is a language that is commonly used for informatics applications, then it might make sense to go with that one first - since you may very well be able to borrow "R" algorithms from public sources.
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