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'condensed matter nuclear science"

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    [SOLVED] 'condensed matter nuclear science"

    Anyone else visit session T50 this evening? I thought it was a bit of a dud. Steve Koonin (Caltech provost & representative of BP petroluem) gave the economists' version of the future of energy, complete with unreadable Excel charts and all. Patricia Dehmer (DOE) was far more boring, I left after about four minutes of "...and the co-chairs of the Basic Energy Research Perspectives Committee were..." :frown: I thought the high point of the session was when the very brusque person derailed Koonin's question session to invite him to "Condensed matter nuclear science" session (his words) to hear about their fascinating latest developments! (session W41). Apparently the name "cold fusion" has gone through as many evolutionary twists as "creation science". :uhh:

    Anyone needing comic relief tomorrow, look at session W41 "cold fusion"!

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    That reminds me, a grad student recently told me that the APS sets aside sessions for crackpot talks, so that everyone else knows how to stay clear of them - is this accurate?
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    I so badly miss the March Meetings...... there was never a dull moment.

    And no, the APS don't do stuff like that. But the "cold fusion" session due to demands from fringe science to have their fleeting day in the sun.

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    A day they get? :rolleyes:
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