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Consciousness and other universes

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    Is it possible that all conscious observors occupy different universes?

    Before you think this is ludicrous, take in mind that everything we experience, we experience within our mind in our own model of the universe. This model has the laws of Physics as they are hardwired into our brain. But isnt this model of the universe a universe in its own right?

    What if there was a further abstracted model of the universe which had no limitation (unlike our universe with its laws of Physics). This universe being the universe the 'soul' inhabits. Wouldnt these conditions allow free-will and ideation?

    What does anyone think?
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    I don't see how that would explain anything. It seems only to add another layer of complexity, rather than elucidate.
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    Math Is Hard

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    The OP posts once,
    And never comes back again.
    Drive-by philosophy.

    (darn that last syllable!)
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