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Homework Help: Conservation of momentum physics homework

  1. Mar 29, 2008 #1
    when a body explode into two different masses, and fly apart.
    will the two mass have same kinetic energy, or will it experience same force on it during explosion????
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    I don't know what you mean with "will it experience same force on it during explosion"

    you can solve this with conservation of momentum.
    Suppose the masses are m_1 and m_2 and the masses fly off with speeds v_1 and v_2
    what was the initial momentum before the explosion?
    what do you know about the directions that the masses will take?
    give an equation with conservation of momentum relating m_1, m_2, v_1 and v_2

    now combine this equation with the assumption that the masses have the same energy.
    what can this tell you about m_1 and m_2?
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    but, it is not linear momentum.
    so, how to apply the law of conservation of momentum if the two masses are moving in an angle with respect to each other.
    so u r saying that the two masses have kinetic energy???
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    If there are just two masses flying away, they must do this in opposite directions to make the total momentum zero.
    you should try to be more accurate. I suppose you meant "That the two masses have the same kinetic energy" and I did not say that.
    I just wanted you to combine this assumption with conservation of momentum, and see what that tells you about the two masses.
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    thanx, but the the two masses is not moving in the opposite direction, each of the two motion path makes a different angle with respect to ground.
    so, what same quantities do the two masses possessed?
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    It is not possible that two masses' paths have different angles after explosion (in the exploding body's referent system)
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    OK, thanx guys
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