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Contacting professors for research opportunities/volunteer work.

  1. Jan 13, 2013 #1
    I would like some advice on how to go about offering myself for any kind of research experience at a local physics/astroph. department(in the US). I am a graduating senior who isn't going to grad school this year, so formal REU's aren't an option (not to mention they always conflicted with my exams as I attend university abroad).

    Would profs entertain such an idea if they thought I was qualified? (note: I am a US resident and will probably be working anywhere else just to cover expenses for a while, so this may be a part time thing unless I could get on some kind of funding).

    I have little prior experience (currently doing a project in a related field) but a hell of a lot of drive and work ethic. Would emailing a short question to a prof along with a CV be a good idea or should I hold off on the CV until they express an interest? Should I wait contacting them until the summer when I'll actually be available?
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    just offer yourself whatever the price,somebody might be willing to accept a free hand.Maybe my answer is not the best one...
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