How can I strengthen my submitted graduate application?

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I am applying for a master degree in Germany. I have submitted my application but wish to strengthen it as I want to be accepted. What can I do to enhance my application? Can I contact any of the professors or maybe the student advisor? Will it look artificial? If so, what must I say? (I am coming from abroad otherwise I would have visited the university).

Besides, can I email a professor and communicate to him that I am applying for graduate study, and I was intrigued by his research and wish, if accepted, to work with him? Is it too early to do so before even getting accepted?

I apologize if my questions seem trivial, but this is my first graduate application, and I hope to do all that it is in my power to get accepted.

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I should wait. You've already done wright. (It's a personal opinion):smile:. Anyhow, good luck!
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