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Contributing to campus and univ. community?

  1. Oct 17, 2008 #1
    Hello guys,

    Well, the deal is this: i have a scholarship at the university where i currently go to, so besides the academic requirements and standarts that some of us, who have the same sholarships, have to maintain, we are alo required to make some other contributions to the community here. In other words they expect from us more involvment and activities. I looked at some of the organizations that are here, but besides the Math Club, in which i am already a member long ago, i have no idea how else could i contribute. SO, what i wanted to know is that what would be some interesting ways, i mean clever things to do, that would not also take a great deal of time. Because as you know, being a math major and taking 3 math classes per semester takes a great deal of time. So, what would you suggest me to do, i mean what i am looking for are some ideas, that you guys, based on your past experiences think would be attractive to implement??

    I greatly appreciate any imput of yours.
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    The community activities you get involved really should be determined by your interests. It's also important to keep in mind that it's often the extra-cirricular stuff that separates you from your colleagues come time for job interviews.

    I completely understand the time issue. You need to really evaluate what time you can offer before you sign up for things. During grad school I volunteered for a couple of years with our campus sexual assault centre, which required a committment of about 4 hours per week. On slow days, I got lots of studying in. In undergrad I volunteered for the campus first response (first aid) team, which also allowed for me to get homework in while on call.

    You could also look into joining a club - sports, activities like ballroom dancing, and martial arts are great ways of meeting people and then once you're in you can volunteer as one of the executive - working for example as a volunteer treasurer doesn't take a lot of time, but it divides the work that's necessary to keep a particular club going.
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    I volunteered in a lot of things like that in college. We had an orientation committee, which planned all the activities for freshman orientation. Slow steady meetings and effort over the spring semester, then a lot of work over the summer recess and right at the beginning of the year when the freshmen arrive, but then it quiets down within a couple weeks. Very easy to fit with a demanding course load. More time was required for the resident assistant type positions in the dorms. I also joined a group that gave campus tours for prospective students and their parents. That was fun if you can walk backward while talking. There were also things like peer tutoring sessions at the learning resource center that anyone could volunteer to do.
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