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Convention for italicizing particle symbols

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    Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong place, not really sure whether it should be homework questions or here!

    I'm writing my final year paper and frequently mention mesons and quarks by their symbols and am unsure whether I should be italicizing them? My latex package for writing them easily doesn't seem to by default and the IUPAP style guide seems to say they shouldn't be. However in the papers I'm reading (from ATLAS collaboration etc.) particle names do seem to be italicized and I remember reading somewhere that they should be italicized for when referring to a generic particle of the type and non-italic when referring to a specific one i.e. in a specific interaction?

    If anyone could offer guidance it would be brilliant thanks.
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    IUPAC recommends roman letters for particle symbols, but the Particle Data Group uses italics.
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