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Conversations, how do I respond?

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    So I cannot, for the life of me, figure out where on earth the button to respond to a "conversation" is...? Help?
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    There's a "reply" button on the bottom right of the screen, the same as in a regular post like this one. It automatically ships your message to the sender's inbox.
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    I can't find it...
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    The color of the reply is a light gray and might be hard for you to see. Hover your mouse pointer over it and it darkens. See attachment.


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    Nothing there... :/
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    It could be the other member left the conversation
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    Ah. That makes sense. Nevermind then.
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    I've never seen a screen that looked like that, so I'm not sure, but 1) that doesn't look like any message that I've ever received so there's nothing to respond to, and B) your right-hand scroll bar isn't all the way down.

    edit: Never mind; I see that it's been dealt with.
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