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Using the conversation interface

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    I created a message to send to someone. But I can't see any way to post it. I can see buttons that say Latex, start a conversation, upload, preview and whiteboard.

    I know I'm blind as a bat and daft with it - please tell me how to send/post the message.
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    "Start a conversation" is exactly what you are looking for.
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    OK. But I already started. The button should say post the message !

    I'm grateful for your quick help.
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    Technically a conversation starts when you send the message. Otherwise you're just talking in your head :smile:
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    I used to have the same problem. When I wanted to write to somebody, I hit the button "start a new conversation" . I gave the title, wrote my message and wanted to send it. It took me quite long till I figured out that it would happen with the button "start a conversation".
    If only it would be "start the conversation" instead of "a conversation" ! :devil:
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