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I Convert to "Of Date" Apparent coordinates from "J2000" coordinates

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    How do you convert to "Of Date" or "Apparent" coordinates from "J2000" coordinates?

    The website:
    there are two options for displaying RA and DEC: Astrometric and Apparent. Astrometric is the J2000 coordinates and Apparent is the "Of Date".

    Just lists the Apparent

    www.stellarium.org software
    Lists both "Of Date" and J2000 coordinates.

    My question is: Is there a formula to convert between the two coordinate systems?
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    jim mcnamara

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    Short answer - what are you trying to do? Can you write programs in some language like maybe C or FORTRAN?
    I suppose you can use a sophisticated programmable TI calculator....
    @D H probably can help with a lot more detail - the JPL has software that does astronomical calculations. And copes with Jxxxx. AFAIK.

    Jan Meeus has several books meant for amateur astronomers. Please consider one of them as a great starting point.
    Exmple: https://www.amazon.com/Astronomical-Algorithms-Jean-Meeus/dp/0943396352

    As an aside - are you trying to project orbits of Solar System objects into the future? All of what I did was always okay with existing ephemera.
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