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Converting a Lead Acid Battery to Alkaline

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    I came across this interesting article to convert a standard lead acid battery into alkaline:


    Seems very promising. Not only does the capacity increase slightly, but the battery also withstands deep discharges much better than a conventional lead acid. Still charge with approximately the same voltage. Perfect right? There are a few testimonials of the success and failures of people attempting this conversion.

    I am just curious as to what you guys think. Would love to hear an intelligent opinion on this matter.
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    No idea what is the chemistry behind, but claim that these batteries are clean is plainly wrong - if you convert an old acid battery, it still contains the same lead electrodes.
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    Well actually, I was most interested in the fact that they claim these batteries can be cycled more deeply than conventional lead acid. Just wondering if there was a scientific explanation and why everyone shouldnt convert their lead acids.
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