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Homework Help: Converting from degK/s to degC/s?

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    Alright, I know how to convert from Kelvin to Celsius (subtract 273), but I really don't know how many degrees Celsius are to Kelvin. (I need to convert .021 degK/s to deg/C)
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    its the reverse. You add 273.
    technically 273.15 (but whatever).
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    1 degree Celcius = 1 degree Kelvin. The two scales are just offset from each other by the 273.
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    One starts at absolute zero and one starts at freezing point of water.
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    Is this how you convert the derivative, though? I know how to convert when it isn't the derivative, but...
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    ... what?
    Maybe derivative isn't the word you're looking for?
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    What exactly is it you are trying to calculate? Since the "sizes" of degrees K and degrees C are the same, temperature increasing by 1 degree Kelvin also increases by 1 degree C. If temperature is increasing by, say 10 degrees Kelvin per hour, it is increasing by 10 degrees Centigrade per hour.
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