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Cook some ham, when spoil at room temp.

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    Suppose I cook some thickly sliced ham (say 3-5mm) long enough to kill any bad bugs on or in the ham at 9 in the morning. I also cook it till it has lost much of its absorbed water, its kind of dry. At room temperature what is the eat by time be for this ham, by lunch, 12, by late lunch 2, by dinner?

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    From FDA guidelines:
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    It could depend upon the season also. In winter, there might not be as many bugs floating around in the air as in the summer.

    People, especially teens and college students, do seem to survive left over pizza next morning from the night before.
    Even if the FDA guidelines are on the side of caution, with certain foods, such as the all too common egg salad on picnics, one had best follow their advice.
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    If you vacuum seal it it lasts longer
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