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Coordinate conversion calculator

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    I know this might be a stupid question, but I wan't to know if any of you know of any sites that convert between RA and dec coordinates to altitude and azimuth coordinates. I mean I found this site:

    http://home.att.net/~srschmitt/script_celestial2horizon.html [Broken]

    But unfortunately you can't enter in any time you want...it simply gets the time that you are visiting the site.

    I was hoping someone might have come across some site that does this. I mean it would just save me having to figure out how to slightly alter the source code.
    Javascript, or any programming for that matter, is not a strong point for me so it just takes me much longer than the average person to work out the programming.

    If anyone could help out that would be great. I really just want it so that I can have it as a link for my web page project for one of my classes. If I don't have it I guess it's no big problem though.

    Anyway thanks
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    Neutrino thank you so much.

    You've helped me a lot recently :)

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