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Correlation between macronutirients and radionuclides

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    do the presence of macronutrients (N,P,K) increase the amount of radionuclides (U,Th,K) in the sediments. how are they related?
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    Why should they?
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    As both exist in clay particles, that have high exchange capacity?
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    Yes, Macronutricient K increases radionuclide K
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    thank you sir.
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    As Borek already told you, it would be good if you were to give us some more background for your question.
    I told you already in another thread that thorium isn't mobile and therefore won't interact with clays.
    For uranium google spits up quite some literature, e.g. :
    http://tubaf.qucosa.de/fileadmin/data/qucosa/documents/6240/final version of Diss_SB_BM_BPF_Bibo.pdf
    What I think is also important is the point that many fertilizers contain uranium or radium, especially phosphate fertilizers as they are produced from uranium containing phosphate ores.
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    i got the point regarding. thank you. since clay particles have high cation exchange capacity, why cant the radinuclides can be embbeded in clays??
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