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Cosmology and Energy Quantization in Matter

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    Quantum Wave Cosmology is a niche in cosmology that consists of a group of “not easily refuted” protoscience ideas about a universe composed of nothing but energy.

    A few QWC ideas include:

    The universe is composed of one commodity, energy.

    Energy cannot be created or destroyed and so the universe has potentially always existed.

    All space contains energy density to some degree; there are no voids in space.

    Each point in space has some level of energy density.

    The energy density at any given point in space is always fluctuating within a range of energy density.

    There is a natural way for energy to become organized into particles that contain fluctuations in an orderly fashion.

    Quantization of energy in nature is how energy can become organized into particles.

    Quantization would have to enable mass to form, endure, and to interact with other mass.

    Quantization would have to enable gravity to function in the presence of mass and so gravity must be consistent, compatible, and coincident with what causes mass.

    Quantization of energy in mass implies that there is a force associated with mass at the level of formation, endurance, and interaction, i.e. quantization of energy requires a force that can operate in a quantized energy environment.

    Matter consists of matter waves.

    In QWC, the energy quantum is the building block of mass and quantum action is the force associated with a quantum of energy. Matter waves are the net wave presence of matter composed of energy in quantum increments.

    QWC presents these ideas as protoscience thinking that people who know what they are talking about can’t refute them but that they cannot currently be tested.

    Are any of the listed ideas inconsistent or incompatible with science which would make QWC pseudoscience instead of protoscience?
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    It is true the universe is composed entirely of energy in one form or another, as Einstein noted. It is less clear how space and time could arise. Space and time are a consequence of the finite speed of light. Not a bad thing as it prevents everything from happening everywhere simultaneously [aka chaos]. Gravity may well be some form of back reaction to this anomaly, but, that is merely speculation.
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    Thank you Chronos. One point made in the OP is that in QWC energy has always existed. Space and time are required for that to be true, so energy, space and time would share the same potentially infinite history.

    My question centered around protoscience and pseudoscience.

    Proto-science: Proto-science encompasses subjects that are out of the reach of scientific testing at the present time. It talks about things that are too big to view in their entirety or too small to observe with current technology. But to be proto-science, these ideas must pass the tests of consistency and compatibility without invoking the improbable or the supernatural. Proto-science is differentiated from pseudoscience; pseudoscience is non-science while proto-science is within the broad definition of the scientific method and is expected to lead to falsifiable theory.

    To pass the test of consistency, the ideas must all work together to describe a framework where no internal conflicts exist.

    To pass the test of compatibility, the ideas must work with all known science fact and repeatable observation.

    To avoid improbability, the ideas must be traceable to probable possibilities as opposed to idle or wild speculation.

    To avoid invoking the supernatural, the probable possibilities must be expected to stem from natural causes.

    In Quantum Wave Cosmology the listed ideas are considered protoscience and are intended to support reasonable and responsible ideas about the quantization of energy, the cause of mass and gravity, the cause of the initial expansion of our observable arena, and the landscape of the greater universe. Generally speaking it address the infinite and the infinitesimal where we cannot make actual observations but where mechanics and events must be taking place to produce what we can observe.
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