What is Energy quantization: Definition and 11 Discussions

In physics, quantization (in British English quantisation) is the process of transition from a classical understanding of physical phenomena to a newer understanding known as quantum mechanics. It is a procedure for constructing a quantum field theory starting from a classical field theory. This is a generalization of the procedure for building quantum mechanics from classical mechanics. Also related is field quantization, as in the "quantization of the electromagnetic field", referring to photons as field "quanta" (for instance as light quanta). This procedure is basic to theories of particle physics, nuclear physics, condensed matter physics, and quantum optics.

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  1. R

    I A qualitative question about Blackbody Radiation

    would this be a correct understanding of blackckbody radiation phenomena? in particular the intensity versus wavelength curve? "A Blackbody consists of oscillators of molecular dimensions. Intensity is proportional to number of oscillators with sufficient energy hv emitting radiation, and that...
  2. HelpMeGodWithPhysics

    I Relationship between Planck Distribution and Quantization of Energy

    I came to understand that Planck Distribution is necessary to explain UV catastrophe. With that necesity in the background, the distribution equation eventually suggests that the energy emitted by black body has discret values. But I wonder how that's related to E=nhv. I understand that "n" also...
  3. B

    I Energy quantization of the particle in a box

    I'm self-learning quantum mechanics and I'm reading the famous Shankar book (Principles of Quantum Mechanics - second edittion). At page 161 of the book, I don't understand the following part of this page: "Let us restate the origin of energy quantization in another way. Consider the search...
  4. S

    Potential Energy in a molecule

    Homework Statement Potential energy in a molecule[/B] (b) The figure below shows all of the quantized energies (bound states) for one of these molecules. The energy for each state is given on the graph, in electron-volts (1 eV = 1.6 ✕ 10-19 J). What is the minimum amount of energy required to...
  5. J

    Energy quantization and energy levels

    Hello ! I had my fair share of quantum mechanics already :) But today I was wondering something, kind of odd I thought of this so late ... But do continuous energy levels really excist or is it just an approximation. I am asking this cause by my understanding energy is quantized, so...
  6. W

    Energy quantization of oscillator

    Homework Statement A simple pendulum has a length equal to 0.6 m and has a bob that has a mass equal to 0.5 kg. The energy of this oscillator is quantized, and the allowed values of energy are given by En = (n + 1/2)hf0, where n is an integer and f0 is the frequency of the pendulum. Find n if...
  7. S

    Energy quantization in schrodinger equation

    in schrodinger equation(time independent) d^2y/dx2= 2m/h^2(V-E)y, V is a function of position coordinate, y is eigenfunction. if E>V , y being -ve or +ve it would be a oscillatory function. The allowed energy values are continously distributed...
  8. F

    Cosmology and Energy Quantization in Matter

    Quantum Wave Cosmology is a niche in cosmology that consists of a group of “not easily refuted” protoscience ideas about a universe composed of nothing but energy. A few QWC ideas include: The universe is composed of one commodity, energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed and so...
  9. Q

    Schrodinger Equation and Energy Quantization

    I'm a bit embarrased to ask this (thats why I'm asking here and not asking one of my professors), as a grad student in Physics I've had a good deal of quantum mechanics, but one thing I haven't fully understood yet is the mechanism in the Schrodinger Equation that forces eigenvalue quantization...
  10. M

    Relativistic Energy Quantization for Particle in Box

    How would you go about finding the energy for "the particle in a box" when the particle is relativistic? Since the energy is no longer p^2/2m, then the general quantization won't apply. I know that the two principles that still apply even when a particle is relativistic are: \lambda =...
  11. N

    Predicting Energy Quantization in CM Systems

    Are there any systems in CM where quantization of energy is predicted?